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for For the Sake of Propriety

1/12/2004 c2 8poohba
How did Matthew come to have such a poor opinion of Sophia when he hasn't even met her yet?
Granted, Sophia is a little spoiled, from the sounds of it... But Matthew is something of a grump. (As his half-sister pointed out, he acts like a man of "eight and forty" when he's actually "eight and twenty.")
Oh well. I can't wait to see the sparks fly when they do meet. There's nothing like a good battle of the sexes... which is one of the things that made "For the Sake of Convenience" so much fun.
1/11/2004 c2 2CynicInLove
hehe...gabby sounds adorable...shes a curious one isnt she? well it seems like this was a chapter to get mathhew a little bit unconciously associated with sophie...well i'll be anticipating the time when both matthew and sophie meet...wow..i havent used such big words in a review in quite a long time...i think the way u write ur stories is brcause of it..its all ur fault! jk...anyways cant wait till the next chapter! update sooN!
1/11/2004 c2 Silver Phoenix11
Wow, so many names. It's very hard to keep track of. Maybe it's just me. BTW, great start on the story.
1/10/2004 c2 7ONEthousandWORDs
Mae Govannen.
I love how this ends.
“‘Dilemma’ means a quandary.”
“What does ‘quandary’ mean?”
“A predicament…”
It's almost exactly the thing my dad used to do to me when I was seven. It was so exasperating! (Though, of course, I didn't know that word at the time...)
I love the story, and now (me being a fickle child) I have decided that Matthew needs to loosen up. Desperately. Sophia is awesome. I think. Though screaming about a little kid puking on you AFTER the fact, and to their parent's, is a little interesting... *ponders*
Well, ta-ta! Hope that you post more soon! ^^;
May thou walk in the light of the Holy Radish and may the Penguin King smile upon thy road. (Ha! A change!)
1/10/2004 c1 6TheForgottenArtz
wow, yay! a sequel! i love sequels! Hmm, i cant wait to read more...
1/8/2004 c1 2CynicInLove
im so glad to hear that there's a sequal to For the Sake of Conveniance...that story rocked...cant wait to read more of this story..and i cant if u dont update so please add another chapter soon! update sooN!
1/7/2004 c1 Drops-of-Winter
Yah, a sequel. Sophia, in my opinion, is coming across as a bit ... can't find the word.
1/6/2004 c1 2Cassandra Flavius
I'm glad u've decided to make a sequel! Keep updating, i can't way to know how this one will turn out!
1/5/2004 c1 7Liriel87
Im a little confused with all the people . . i dont know who is related to what and what belongs to whom. But im interested in the story! Please update soon!
1/5/2004 c1 7ONEthousandWORDs
Mae Govanenn.
Eva Hamilton is definitely my favorite character. I also like Matthew, though his discouragment of his sister is... discouraging, to say the least. I didn't understand the step-mother-cousin and generally confused connection between Liam Pratt and Matthew and Eva. Perhaps it will become more clear over time.
I agree with Poohba. Sophia DEFINITELY has a lot of growing up to do. A lot. And she is... 19? 21? *shudders* Such a spioled brat... Maybe I will grow to love her in time...
How do you do it? This is only the first chapter, and yet my emotions are already deeply invested in the story! Impressive, to say the least. *applauds*
I hope you update soon, though I understand if you don't. Its been at least a month since I updated any of my stories. *feels guilty* I just haven't been able to write! *continues to rant about writer's block for a few minutes* *realizes what she is doing* Erm... sorry.
May thou walk in the light of the Holy Radish and may the Penguin King smile upon thy path. Ahem.
1/5/2004 c1 lux perpetua
This is an awesome start! The touch with the mouse at the end was wonderful. A trifle squeamish, don't you think?
The only problem I had was keeping everyone straight. Maybe you could include a list of characters somewhere, so we readers don't get too confused. So many english people - they're hard to keep track of!
~ rose
1/4/2004 c1 8poohba
How wonderful! I'm so excited that you've started a sequel!
It's nice to know what happened to Clara and Gabe and Emma and Liam in the ten years since the end of the last story.
And I already like the new characters. I don't know how you do it. A few paragraphs and they're already well-rounded human beings to me. Matthew and Eva make an interesting pair. I take it he's a doctor and she'd be one too if women were allowed to be such a thing. And they're related to Liam. It all ties together!
I should have guessed that Clara and Gabe's children would be so delightfully unruly.
Sophia seems more than a bit spoiled. I'm guessing her character has a lot of growing to do in this story. It will be something to see how she meets and interacts with Matthew Hamilton, who I take to be quite a mature man.
Anyway, that was a long review, when what I really wanted to say was thank you for starting another story again so quickly.
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