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1/27/2008 c1 3KnittingKneedle
Hi, I'm with the review marathon...link is on my profile

This seemed interesting,

I don’t know if I saw enough of Rosanna to see her as any different from a typical Victorian heroine, with an overbearing mother and the like.

Evan intrigued me more, he’s already proved himself to be a bit of a screw up by alienating his wife- I like his reaction to writers block, and I’m intrigued about what happened to his family in the letter.

I would have liked a bit more description in the chapter of the setting and the characters and a line break between Rosanna and Evan’s parts might have made it easier to read

I suppose this is a Victorian Romance…always good fun! Keep writing!
1/8/2004 c1 maelinya
OOh! Another story from SWR... Love it so far! Believe me, cherie, it's anything but dull.
Hm . . . What was in the letter, I wonder? Poor Evan. . . .
Oh, and just to nitpick (lol), I believe it would be two-and-twenty as opposed to twenty-two. And two-and-forty in place of forty-two. Not quite sure on that one.
Anyway, please continue!
1/7/2004 c1 anonymous
Yay! I'm happy to read another new story. I don't think the first chapter was dull at all...I don't think you've mastered the skill of writing dull chapters, sorry. :-) I like the character of Rosanna already-anyone who has managed to defy the law of high society in those times deserves a HUGE cookie. Evan seems to be quite the pained protagonist...I can't even imagine the pressure that comes with being so successful. I wonder what that letter held... About the divorce issue though-because of the Matrimonial Causes Act of 1857, a man could divorce his wife on the basis of adultery, but a woman could only divorce her husband by proving his infidelity and cruelty. I believe this remained in place until the 1920's. Just a little note...not really a problem at all, but unless such was the case for Evan and Danielle [and you just didn't mention it] I don't think divorce would be granted on any other grounds. Oi. I could be very, very wrong though. So sorry for nitpicking you ahead of time and please do excuse me for embarrassing myself. :-) Anywho, I think you're off to a great start, and I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for this one!
1/5/2004 c1 12Little Mermaid
is his family dead? that's so sad! the poor guy! or did his wife just get married? or did just his daughter die or something tragic like that? i feel so horrible for rosanna. that life must be so insipid. makes me appreciate school...okay maybe not that much but just a little
update asap
1/5/2004 c1 Agathy
Wow, the Victorian Era...I like this story already. And the chapter wasn't dull at all. Evan's starting to remind me of me...and by the way, excellent cliffhanger to leave the chapter at. By the way, how do you get italics/boldface/underlines to show up on your stories? I've been wondering about that for a while...anyway, please update soon!
1/5/2004 c1 JustDuck
Darling, this chapter wasn't boring!
I like the way you introduced them! I thought you did quite well especially during the scene between Annalena and her mother. She sure sounds stuffy and rich to me!
And what did the telegram say! They aren't dead are they!
Eagerly awaiting an update...Duck

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