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7/26/2010 c1 1Damned to heaven
Actually, I like this. It's not 'wrong' at all.

I may like modern day punk but I can see how punk has just become a label and no longer represents its original meaning/genre.
12/4/2008 c1 ulu

I like you :)
9/17/2008 c1 libertykill
I love this, very original idea and the thought to write the conversation and post it was very ingenious

I love it

4/9/2008 c1 Incurable Adoration
I love that someone who thought they were punk, asked that question.

It's so...pretentious. So self-involved.

I get a twisted enjoyment out of that because of being both surprised and insulted by that type of arrogance/ignorance.
3/23/2007 c1 CHIIJOY
"Punk died and you killed it..."

LOL, hahaha. I think that wannabe punk died a little when he was informed of the above. Great job. :D
1/23/2007 c1 Maybe Estella
yay...i lovest this little thing. i'm tired of people saying they're punk because they watched fight club and listen to afi.i went and read some of the reviews in hopes of more amusement, and must say that i indeed was giggling a bit after reading them. people get so worked up over things like this...anyways, i must say i agree with you on the death of punk. most of the people who either claim to be punk or to listen to punk don't really even know what it means. they're just falling into the 'rebel'( these days it's more like naive teenage consumer) without a cause stereotype, and thus going against the core idea(or at least what i find to be the core idea...)of the whole idea of punk...and in my opinion seeing as how it is SO much more enlightened than the opinions of my peers(
7/3/2006 c1 21insane in the brain

[Finally, he runs a hand through his mohawk held up by some sort of egg/past mix].. I think you mispelt paste mix accidently, or should I google 'past mix' and see if I can travel back in time?
2/23/2006 c1 Cooties
Loved this! So glad someone could put that into words! Very funny and so true!
2/19/2006 c1 2Gezi
:) awesome
12/25/2005 c1 Claire-a-bell
Amazing, perfect, and I completely agree. Yes, you are putting people down, but that's part of your point. To say what you want to say you have to put some people down. Flames are something to be expected, but not only do I agree, but I respect you for putting yourself out there.
10/15/2005 c1 Sally-andersonn
Oh! yes! This is really insightful.
5/11/2005 c1 lacerated-wings
reading that rally got me thinking. i mean, yeah, i get what you mean and you present a good argument, but the thing is: punk doesn't have anything to do with what it was, but what it is. and the fact remains: punk is punk, and its not dead, and it never will be.
9/14/2004 c1 10Marlah Singer
Punk is, yes a form of music, but also an idea that all should live up to. Punk means going against the government that is fucking with your country, is seeing through the commercialism that TV magazines newspapers cable shows presidents people enforce on you... Punk is about making up your own mind instead of letting others make it up for you.
Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to dis-credit your essay, which was very good by the way. I'm simply trying to show you that punk isn't dead. It may seem like it now, but rock and pop go around in circles. When people are sick of the fakeness of pop, they need a different outlet, and punk happened to be it. Trust me, pop is back in now, and we'll be free of trendoids for a good while.
9/3/2004 c1 23vintage fade
I'm not a fan of punk, and if it's dead... well, quite frankly, I don't care. Music is something controversial, people are always going to disagree with your point... So I'm not going to go into the music I like. The point is, you made a good point here. You said what you think, and you mean it. Good job. It's written well, and equally enjoyable. Great job.
much love
Vintage Fade
8/27/2004 c1 The Killer Is Me
I agree with you on that. This did make me laugh though.
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