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5/3/2004 c14 I-Am-The-Walrus
*sniff-sniff* i'm a sucker for happy endings
4/22/2004 c11 I-Am-The-Walrus
hmm. very good, yes very good indeed. but may i suggest you edit aiden's description of elenari, it doesn't seem to flow right. maybe take out some of the "very"s. but thats okay. i still would like to see future chapters! =D
4/20/2004 c10 I-Am-The-Walrus
it's so sad... WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?
4/12/2004 c10 I-Am-The-Walrus
didn't you post this already?
4/12/2004 c1 2Lnnyl
4/6/2004 c9 I-Am-The-Walrus
its so exciting! *holds breath for next chapter*
3/10/2004 c8 9A Crazy Elephant
its sweet. would it be cruel to demand more chapters?
3/10/2004 c7 A Crazy Elephant
"let him rot!" thats great.
3/9/2004 c7 4Zoiqu-Msyjji
"Let them rot."
Yay! I like that line! Stupid thieves. Their fault. Well, I'm off to read the next chappie. The title is foreboding. Death and Love. I hope Aiden doesn't die. Now that I say that, he probably will. *tear* Bye! ^.~* ::vanishes::
3/4/2004 c3 9A Crazy Elephant
its good. i have one suggestion though. give your chapters names instead of 'Chapter One'. it will give a heads up to what is coming and makes it a little more interesting
2/29/2004 c6 4Zoiqu-Msyjji
Yay! She's happier!
Yet, poor Elenari. I don't think I like Elven society very much. ::throws rocks at random Elven city walls::
Well, I'm off to read more. Bye! ^.~* ::vanishes::
2/29/2004 c5 Zoiqu-Msyjji
Yay! It's so happy! Every good story has to have a hint of romance. I mean it's part of everyone's life. Yes, well, now I'm just rambling and wasting the time I should be spending reading your wonderful story.
Bye! ^.~* ::vanishes::
2/29/2004 c4 Zoiqu-Msyjji
Yay! (sorry had to keep with the tradition of starting all my reviews to you the same way.)
The story is truly captivating. Yet again, I cannot describe it. Your writing draws me into the world, which is yours alone. Now, I'm sounding completely idiotic. Which proves the fact that I am insane. Must...read...more...story! Bye! ^.~* ::vanishes::
2/29/2004 c3 Zoiqu-Msyjji
Okay, so I've been starting every review that way, but I have no other real comment.
I can't criticize you, cuz there ain't nothing to criticize you 'bout. Um...I can't really describe how good your story is, because I've never read anything this good. My stories look like something a preschooler would write compared to yours. Yeah, well that's it. I'm off to read the next chapter. Bye ^.~* ::vanishes::
2/29/2004 c2 Zoiqu-Msyjji
Yay! I like this story. I sorta figured out why I like your writing so much. It's because you let the reader (me) into the mind of the different characters.
Somehow, your story is very soothing.
Well, I'm off to read more.
Bye. ^.~* ::vanishes::
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