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for Irrational Night

1/11/2004 c1 rollymc123
Oh...my...god. That writing style tramatized me; the way the sentences were so short and blunt! It reminds me of Richard Wright's "Native Son"...
It's beautifully written, but the only problem is toward the end I got confused with the conversation in terms of who is saying what. Besides that, this piece is GOLDEN!
1/10/2004 c1 37Peachez 24
There's a question raising chapter. Definitely not dealing with humans or all humans here. So what exactly is Irres' and Dee's relationship? What are they? hm... Many more ideas and thoughts are hidden. Keep writing and update soon!
Peachez ^_~
1/10/2004 c1 42Ian Shweltser
Wow that was really good. I like the wy you write. You have good description. Great job. Keep it up.
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