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11/27/2009 c1 Disgruntled
Way to generalise first violinists! Not all people who play that part are bitchy or look down on seconds - most of them have had to work their way up through from the lower violin parts up and have done so much practice that they deserve their first chairs. Don't be harsh to first violinists - they get the hardest (and highest) violin parts and, without them, there would be no tunes in the string section at all. Supremely unfair.
3/25/2007 c1 ham3
I like this. I played viola in a school orchestra four years ago, and I agree with what you said about the violas.

Pages after pages of viola jokes? That’s great! Er, if they’re nice jokes. I’ve never heard a viola joke before…will you (or anyone) tell me a viola joke please?

I also agree with what you said about the basses, second violins, and first violins. But the cellists I know aren’t crazy at all. They’re actually boring people who sometimes become a little stuck-up like the first violins because they get to play cool parts.

My favorite lines: (1) [The basses] sit in the back and shake their heads in dismay while craziness rages on ahead of them. (2) Like the celli, [first violins] are nuts but whereas the celli were nuts in a harmless but fun way, the firsts are just nuts.
9/13/2004 c1 Evil Bob
Very nice, though you got the bass players wrong. We aren't any more sane than anyone else. (actually less so, since we have to play a lot of really freakin' irritating and boring parts while the violins have it all interesting). Also, basses are light since they are hollow. Not as light as a flute, but still light.
7/28/2004 c1 3Alyce Rue - Secondhand Suicide
Concerning the celli, it's the instrument. Believe me, I wasn't like this before fifth grade. ::evil grin:: :] ::twitches:: Yush. But we like it that way.
3/31/2004 c1 3Emerald Serpentt
LOL. Nutty cellist, here! XD (Go cellos!)
1/19/2004 c1 3Zimmy Kid
Ha, and here's my dad, wondering why in the world I like playing second violin better... It seems like the best people I know in the orchestra are violas, and one of them said to me, "You have no idea how hard it is to play viola. Here we are, playing all these half notes while you all chipperly give the melody! Does anyone notice a violist? No!" My friend continued to rant, but that was the gist of it...kinda sums up the viola part of this story. Anyways, good work (and definite props for calling first violins anal)!
1/16/2004 c1 Tokoyo
I can't agree more! This is my first year playing first violin in my high school orchestra, and I've been looking longingly at the seconds' chairs for a long time. First violinists are just nasty. You wouldn't believe what these people will do to each other just to steal their chair position. I agree with you. Smile, nod, and get the hell away from them.
Ah, I'm rambling. Very good and accurate essay. I enjoyed reading it. (Apparently the poor violas don't get good parts in any orchestra.)
1/16/2004 c1 4Quiet One
Power to the seconds! Who! As if you couldn't tell, I'm a second. And I agree, I have friends that are firsts and all that, but they generaly are not nice people. We're playing this crazy hard piece right now, and the second part is broken up into two lines. Me and one other girl play the top line which is also crazy hard. There are supposed to be more playing it, and they may be playing it, but I sit right in front of those two and to bbe honest I've yet to hear a note from their instruments all term. Well, anyway, here it is, me and this other girl playing a crazy hard bit all by ourselves, (a lot of the crazy hard bits are solos) and this one first violinist is like 'Well, at least /your/ only playing second, look at how hard the first part is!' Ugg. I want to hit her. My and my violist friend just shake our heads in disgust.

Anyway, off topic. Very good piece, and very accurate analogy. Matches our orchestra perfectly. Keep writing!
Quiet One
1/16/2004 c1 10Crelian2202
Nicely done, being in a band, altho I am a brass player, I thought it was very interesting, and of course we are crazy.

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