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8/9/2005 c1 emily
i didn't like that Lori character, too much of a saint don't you think? other than that, cute story
7/18/2005 c1 8Spiral Artist
A great (if unrealistic) exposé on learning, gossip, and exaggeration.
4/14/2004 c1 saccurra
One of the best pieces of work i've ever read! Great job!
3/25/2004 c1 Feather of Julia
AHahaha! It's so ironic! I mean, I read Caught in Between and it was PURE drama, while this is humor! Yeah, I laughed so hard, especially in the rumor part. Hahh! Rumor is just one word away from humor. Hahaha. It's like this word I learned from National Friend's Day (something close to that): "Anger is just one word short of danger." Hihihih.
Lori's life is perfect. Great friends, eh?
I really liked it.
1/17/2004 c1 1megansafteryou
Wow. Wow. That was awesome. To quote the story, you are truly amazing. Can you please review my story?

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