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2/10/2004 c1 Winter's Roar
Good lessons learned, ones everyone should learn and everyone can relate to. I agree with what you said, but i think you can improve upon how you said it. Instead of merely listing what you learned why not set it up in conversation, paragraph, poem,…format, just to spice it up a bit. This was def different than most things i read and i very much enjoyed the change.
~ winter
1/26/2004 c1 20Penny so Pretty
hey- it's me again. well, this is cool... just the way you put it is great and entertaining at the same time.
Good job and continue writing.
1/25/2004 c1 22glitch804
haha i love it! jackalopes aren't real..hehe^_^ great poem!-glitch
1/25/2004 c1 8Virgin-Whores
It's different from what I usually read. But in this case, different is good. I loved it. Keep writing.
1/25/2004 c1 WarriorHeart
I liked this. The last line was especially true.
1/24/2004 c1 11Rainy
Awesome fun. I wish I had assignments like these. Alas, I am homeschooled and I doubt I'll get one because my mother already knows EVERY thing that happens to me ALL the time .
Really cute and funny though. I hope your teacher saw the last one and rolled her eyes! Heh.
Thanks for reviewing my work.
1/20/2004 c1 RubberDuckie17
I thought that I would R&R some of your work. This poem shows everyday things (like your brother and your sister) but it also shows things that aren't common (like your war comment and your freedom coment and your "life's most essential... comment"). I loved reading this and hope that I can read some more. Keep on writing, your great at it.
1/19/2004 c1 Fox May
I like your last week poem, for school?
Always fun...I agree with you on some points...and you are right,
freedom is not free.
And half the time I want to take a sledge hammer to my computer too...like earlier tonight...
Fox May
1/19/2004 c1 5Mandier
lol-this was cute and humorous. It was a nice one to read, too! That was a neat assignment!

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