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for Unexpected Revenge

6/20/2006 c23 1Finnyh
Hiya, sorry I havn't kept up with this, Ive been too busy writing up my own new story. Sorry!

Great chapter as always, took a while to read, but every word was worth it! I'll reveiw more at the end!

Derek (used to be Nyviay)
6/14/2006 c27 cole perry
i liked it keep writing c.p.
3/6/2006 c27 1Bish
That was great! Sorry it took me so long to read the last chapter. I loved the ending. Hope you continue with the Ice Maiden soon :)
3/2/2006 c27 la elfa
Well, a good cold-headed story-steady handed, very well, congrats. i didn´t like it better than -in the tiger´s mouth,- but that one was my stile. had to cover my eyes on some of the spots (language, scens) and was slightly offended, but, overally very good story. keep up the good work.(sorry bout my language blounders for english´s not my mother tounge)
2/13/2006 c27 ClaimingUntoughable
love it hope u can write more story
2/11/2006 c27 17Lady of romance world88
Hey! I am glad that Libby is now safe with Brant. How romance place he take her to. I cant wait for your next story. I am sure the next will be good romance one. Hurry update soon.
2/9/2006 c27 2SpiritualEnergy
I have to say that this was a fantastic story that I was hooked to from the beginning, and it stayed that way all throughout the whole story and to the very end.

I loved all the action mixed in with the romance, it was very believable and not over-done at all; just perfect.

Your ending was awesome ^^ so sweet! I loved this story to the end and you must know that it is absolutely going on my faves list. You're an awesome writer.
2/8/2006 c27 7x.sweet.catastrophe.x
Yay! A happy ending! I absolutely loved your story. I look forward to reading another one of your works!
2/7/2006 c26 1Finnyh
Oh, Ive managed to miss a chapter. = )Anyway, THIS is the reveiew i was supposed to give for the end. Sorry for the confusion!

Chapter 27 - This was a really good way to end the story I think. At a good moment when the charactors spirits are high. It made me feel happy that it ended quite joyfully.

Overall - Sorry I havn't really kept up to date with it but I thouroughly enjoyed reading it. An excellent story!

I hope you keep up the work and put as much effort in the other stories as you have with this one.

Happy Writing! and I will read you next story!

Nyviay x x x
2/7/2006 c27 Finnyh
Hiya, I must say, it took me a while to read all the chapters Ive missed but i really enjoyed doing so! I really like the way that this story is headed. I thouroughly enjoyed reading it, as I always do! lol

Thanks for the reveiw on my story. And also thanks for pointing my typo out!

All the best, and keep up the good work ( mind you, I wouldn't expect anything less!)

Nyviay x x x
2/6/2006 c27 19Hydie
Yay! I liked it a lot! Good, realistic courtroom scene! Yay for happy endings.
2/5/2006 c27 Keegan Damek
-claps- Bravo! Magnificant piece of work! It kept me on the brink most of the time and at the other times I was intrigued by the emotional relationship. Not too detailed but the imagination can pull that one off. ^^ I fell in love with it, good story.
2/5/2006 c27 Pahbo
LOL! The last three lines of the story was so cute. I finished your professionally-written story in one day. I liked the whole plot, and the way you combined romance and action. Yeah, this is my first and last review, but I ultimately enjoyed every chapter of this story.
2/5/2006 c27 25MacNWoody
that was a pretty good ending. just one question, was the court room part in a civilian court or a military court? even in a civilian court, a military lawyer defends the defendant if the defendant is part of the military. Mrs. Mayor might have to be a military lawyer if she's defending Brant. but anyway, it was a good story! enjoyed it a lot, keep up the good work with future stories!
2/5/2006 c27 7Someday-I-will-Understand
Awsome ending! I loved it and I'm actually kind of sad to see this story go lol I love what Brant said to Libby at the end lol.. well you did a great job like always =)

O and thanks for that review I'm glad you liked it, and thanks again for your help
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