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10/29/2013 c14 ILoveDenali
OMG!The last ch. was so dramatic!Why did she get stupedly drunk and cause that huge dilemma?!No offemse to you... it is just I was hoping Chris would make the declaration... and end it with his bitchy fiancee, but dramatic... I am just blown away!You have gift!But sheesh STUPID MEREDITH!
10/6/2013 c1 Anon
I hope you haven't given up on this story, it is a gem that needs to be finished.
10/3/2013 c21 Zoe
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FINISH THIS. I keep coming back to read this, and I've never given up hope. I'd love for you to finish this. I love these two. Please finish it?
9/16/2013 c21 Fan1
Please, please! Finish this story, its such a great one that you should at least finish it!
9/8/2013 c12 1Iheartzorro
It's 1am and I need to be up at 7, but I am addicted to this story. I can't wait to see what happens next!
9/7/2013 c1 1StorieLuver101
9/7/2013 c21 f0r3v3rstr0n9
Ilove this story soooooooooooooo much! Do you think there will ever be another update? (:
8/31/2013 c21 10Nami98
For the Love of Jesus you need to update this soon. omgomgomgomgomg i literally just threw out a good five hours of my life for this and it was totally fucking worth it SO UPDATE THIS GIFT SENT FROM ABOVE.
8/30/2013 c21 hjdjk
i'm disappointed. where are the updates?
8/21/2013 c21 me
*still waiting eagerly*
8/17/2013 c21 Guest
This stories a rollercoaster! I love it. Can't wait to read the next chapter :D
7/23/2013 c21 sootyxsnowpetal
Hm, so I recently joined the bandwagon and read this story from chapter 1 until now, so my review will be extra long to encompass all of my feels, in a retrospective perspective, throughout the entire story thus far:

Starting from the beginning... I was really mad at Chris for the longest time for being so goddamn stubborn. Yes, he has that overbearing mother and staunchly disapproving father, but seeing a grown man be so spineless, especially in public, is kind of pathetic - and I mean that without any bite. Him not being able to own up to his feelings that night at the ballet wasn't surprising to say the least. I'd say that in all his time being caught up with Meredith's age, he, at the same time, hadn't matured into his own age. Being so caught up in image and appeasing the higher authority or everyone around you - well, in any case, I'd say that both he and Meredith were too early in maturity to have a secure, stable relationship. Meredith, despite her maturity, is/was still a high school student. While it is likely to have a stable, successful relationship between two people in similar circumstances as theirs, it is still highly unlikely that a working, high profile 26-year old man would be in a serious relationship with a high school student, no matter if she was legal or not. So, in retrospect, I've felt that their relationship was never going to get anywhere in the early chapters of this story.

Trent being thrown back into the story was a nice change of pace, and I think you did bring some serious issues to think over as well. The classic question of "should I give my ex who cheated on me a second chance" is a difficult one to answer, as regaining trust, especially in strong emotional situations, is very difficult to achieve. I can understand how 15, 16 year old Meredith would fall for the high school Trent; charisma and charm can bring you a long way, and his jock superstar status certainly didn't hurt. Watching him try to regain her trust, though, was very enlightening to read. I've never had a cheating ex before (and hopefully never will), so I can only say this from a bystander perspective: I think Meredith handled her crumbling relationship with Chris and her budding one with Trent very well. Trent certainly deserved a second chance, as he was trying very hard and with much sincerity. I think that in itself goes a long way. The fact that he is also closer to her in age helps her regain some "normality," - that's the closest word I can come up with. What I mean to say is, it is a rare thing to find an 18 year old who has the capability of taking on a serious relationship with someone almost a decade older than her, and having a more "common," "normal" age gap relationship, imho, really helped her become more aware and be able to deal with emotions more maturely. Frankly, I think Meredith needed her four years of a steady relationship with Trent for her to grow up a little, see the world not from the sheltered basic k-12 education life she'd lived. Speaking from personal experience, college definitely matures you in one way or the other.

What I definitely knew, though, was that Meredith would eventually end up with Chris again. Come on - your summary is written about the two of them! The first few mentions of Meredith's ex were so elusive that he was purposefully downplayed so that we could like Chris/Mere more! So it was to my growing sense of horror that you would write Trent to be this sincere, (seemingly...!) awesome guy who really and truly wanted her back, only for you to somehow justify it to us in your story how she would end up with Chris again... which ultimately means that somehow, Trent would screw up (because really, no one's going to die in a natural disaster or accident and it would be OOC for Meredith to cheat or break up with Trent for no reason unless it was because of emotional attachments to another). Judging from the past few chapters, Trent's most likely (like, all we need is confirmation) currently cheating on her. What I hate about that is that Chris had foreshadowed this... what was it? Once a cheater, always a cheater? or something. I mean, I sincerely hope this isn't the case in real life... ugh relationships are such hassles!

So let's say that in the extreme likelihood that we find out that Trent IS cheating on Mere... well, the signs are there - (numerous) missed dates or blow-offs, late coming home (the job is a likely excuse, but coupled with the other things, well.), a flirty woman in the background of a phone call, irritable behavior when asked about their relationship... things aren't looking too great. I just hope that Meredith has grown tremendously through all her experienced heartbreaks to be able to see through him or yank the carpet from underneath Trent's cheating ass. I know a heartbreak will never get easier no matter how many times it's experienced, but I really, really hope that Mere has become badass enough to be able to contain her hurt and not be surprised enough (some part of her MUST know or have built up a resilience to him cheating due to the fact that it's happened once before!) to not just break down in front of him and instead, turn the tables and make him feel like more crap than the (probably easily) overcome-able crap that he would feel just for being the cheater. I wish Mere would look him in the eye when she catches him, smile at him in disappointment, gather her things, throw a nice compliment or hell, even a nice warning of what a cheating scum Trent is, to this woman that Trent is cheating on her with, and walk proudly away. Take the wind right out of his already deflated sails, sistah. Have a cryfest in the safety of your sister-in-arms, but dammit Trent doesn't deserve to see her vulnerability after what he's yet to do...!

And added to the fact that she has rekindling feelings for Chris (come on, that's some classic self-denial right there. Talk about flipped situations! Reminds me of the book Flipped). The emotional break up will probably be a lot cleaner, right? I mean, he's a cheating scumbag, but there's the guy you were always meant to be with who is now ready to begin a serious relationship with you, waiting for you! And oh goodness, if somehow Trent walks in on a chummy conversation between Mere and Chris, if he dares to accuse her of cheating... well. That's just ridiculous and low. Also, as a side thought - I feel like Mere would keep Trent's cheating streak a secret, or on the DL. I hope not! I'm not saying she needs to be dramatic about it, but given how much Trent's mother loves her and how everyone thought they were going to get married, getting those pitying looks or "but you guys were so ADORABLE together - why'd you break up?" conversations would cease completely if they knew Trent caused it. And plus, the scum deserves it.

So in all honesty, I hope that the rest of this story goes along predictably. That's most definitely NOT a bad thing! Mere and Chris are definitely ready both emotionally and (I guess the word is) socially to be in a relationship, and Trent's set up in a way so that he'll be out of the picture soon. And given your streak so far, I'd say your execution will be nothing short of excellent :)

Thanks for this great story! You definitely deserve all the reviews.
7/9/2013 c21 3GirlWithTheDancingCherryTrees
It's been a year ;w; This story is so good, please update! I am absolutely enamoured with it!
6/18/2013 c21 Guest
ugh. i loooooove how you write them together. you convey so much of what they're feeling despite them not saying it or even realizing it. ugh ugh ugh. i'm dying. PLEASE update. i'm literally begging you. pleaseplease.
6/18/2013 c18 nishaal
i'm nearing the end and i don't want to! please please update!
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