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11/18/2012 c7 2mxymx
I simply cannot get enough of this story. I actually found myself stopping for a moment, then laughed, and whispered "this is so good this is so good." To myself.
IT'S THAT GOOD. I love Chris and I love the dialogue and you've really done a great job with this story...I can imagine everything.
The only constructive criticism I would have is that you tend to repeat "ice blue eyes" "aqua eyes" or such like that. Otherwise...amazing! xo
11/18/2012 c21 6anita darling
Okay, so, I haven't reviewed up until this point because I have been so enraptured with Meredith, Paige, Victoria, Chris, Trent … goodness, everything. I am so glad that the lovely ladies at ADoR reviewed this so highly because, no doubt, otherwise I would've never read this. Most commonly, I don't care much for Forbidden clichés, but this is something else. Oh my gosh, I stayed up until two a.m. this morning reading this, even though I had to be up early for a family luncheon. (I'm a sucker for a good romance, and also rather impatient when it comes to knowing what will happen next—despite this, I am not the kind of girl who reviews with an 'update soon!' or anything of the kind. I realise that good writing (and plot-planning) isn't a speedy process, and that it takes time.) I am just hoping that FictionPress actually sends me an email when your story is updated, because it never seems to send me alerts, which is unfortunate (thus I will bookmark your story and check regularly for updates, m'lady). I think I've gotten a little off-track here, in terms of review writing. I guess the main thing I'm going for is that: This, your creation, your story is brilliant. If this were available for purchase, I would buy it. Chris is great, if somewhat frustrating. Meredith is amazing, and I like that you haven't made her the ugly duckling because, I mean, one) how many ugly ducklings get married to swans? two) very few stories are written so obviously about swan-females, they're always subtle hints and you say it outright and that's great and I'm rambling again. I like—no, love—a lot of things about FCG (if I may abbreviate it as such) and I hope you keep writing this (and in general) at your own pace.

xoxo Anita
11/17/2012 c3 2mxymx
11/17/2012 c21 Polarberry
Oh my gosh, I read this all in a day. I love it! I feel that even though Trent really seems to have changed, he truly hasn't, like he will cheat on Meredith with his secretary.
11/17/2012 c2 mxymx
Where do I even begin?
Your writing is...phenomenal. Magical. The best by far, I've ever read on Fictionpress. Seriously, your language is so rich and you somehow make every sentence sparkle.
Amazing plot too...I'm only starting chapter three now but I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS. I've never read a story like this!
11/14/2012 c21 foodieriana
This story has me HOOKED. I wasn't able to turn away from it. I like how Trent has changed from being the little d-bag to a devoted boyfriend to Meredith... well I guess he's not the best boyfriend right now, but you know what I mean. If Meredith finds out that he cheated or something, I will throw a fit because I love Trent. But I also love Chris too so I'm conflicted. Ahh I love both of them, but if Mere is having super strong feelings for Chris I think she should just break up with Trent before it's too late. I think that if Trent truly loves her then he should be able to let her go. Also, I am glad that Chris finally gained some balls and stood up against his parents sigh.
11/12/2012 c21 ninetemptations
Gah, I just read all 21 chapters of this and all I can say is that it is perfect. Your writing is flawless, and feelings you write between Meredith and Chris are so real, and so palpable that I can honestly feel the sexual tension and strings that keep them together. I absolutely love this!
11/12/2012 c5 Guest
So, I've just read up to chapter 6 so far and although I like the story and it's quite cute, I can't help but be slightly irritated by Meredith. She seems mature and everything which is likeable but she's also very much a 'damsel in distress' up until this point. I probably won't end up reading further because of the way she acts. It just causes a sort of itch in me that I can't scratch because even though she's supposedly top of her class and intelligent, she certainly doesn't act that way. I would also suggest finding a synonym for "giggle" as you use it almost 10 times in the fifth chapter alone. Personally, I hate that word and it gives me the image of a bimbo. Or maybe try to reduce the amount of times the characters laugh.
Anyway, you're clearly doing something right as you've got so many reviews. You've got a good plot; I just have some trouble relating to your characters.
11/11/2012 c1 Savagemee
Pleaseee updateeee this...it's been very long. :'((
11/11/2012 c21 Guest
Hey please updatee...it's been so long. :'((
11/9/2012 c21 21rosieroo
I can't believe this story has been on here since 2004 and I've only just found it! I really liked it and thought you portrayed 17 year old Meredith really well - mature but she did show her age at times, which made her realistic. Truthfully, I hope she kicks Trent out of her life and takes Chris back! I did dislike Chris for a while, but this chapter, you made him so much more confident with himself, and I could tell that through the dialogue. So you did a great job of showing and not telling!
Hope you update soon!
11/6/2012 c21 Guest
Hey I just read all of it. Took me two nights to read it, but believe me bud, it was just all worth it. I love the way you've designed this. The concept is exceptionally beautiful and you did extreme justice to it. :$

Butut seems like you've not been a regular updater. :[ I would be glad if you take some time out and complete this wonderful piece of writing. It's not really pleasing for a reader to not finish reading something which really is fantastic. Please update soon. (:

Thanks, good luck.
10/28/2012 c21 Guest
"...so I'm hoping once this one was posted, we can finally get it up to speed relatively quickly."

Just stop and be real. We all know that is a lie.
10/23/2012 c21 Guest
are u alive?please do something!
10/20/2012 c21 Aonia
I have to say I do love an older man ;) but 10years is the max for me. My husband is seven years older than me and is totally like Chris in the sense that he gets me and when hes mad boy is he mad :D I was 19 and he was 26 when we got married it was an arranged marriage but hey he was rich, smart and sexy as hell. We've been married for four years now but when I read this story it totally reminded me of sort of our love story, please finish it cause I'm a total fan!
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