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6/21/2012 c21 Shadow of a lonely man
You've brought out the conflict really well. In these situations, no matter how practical a person may be, sometimes one's emotions tend to cloud the rationality and logic. I sympathize with Trent to an extent regarding the work pressure but then will not let him off the hook so easily. He needs to save the relationship before it's too late. I genuinely want Meredith and Trent to not break up. The romantic in me silences the thought by hoping for Chris and Meredith. I'm ranting too much and need to stop now. I'll let you write away. Keep up the good work and updating! :)

P.S. I think I'm getting too involved in the story. It's crazy but really don't care. Your story does that to me.
6/21/2012 c21 1LoveStory87
I love Chris! With that said you kill me with all the waiting. I'm begging you to update quickly. How about next week? Does that sound good to you?
6/21/2012 c20 Reader
Darling, I saw you updated your profile...so please update this story! I just read Fifty Shades and in all honesty, I like your story much better and other stories here! So please...update! :)
6/18/2012 c19 UbiquityEssence
Love it! Is it possible to read the original story?
6/18/2012 c20 UbiquityEssence
omgg cliffie!
6/17/2012 c5 Kyashii
Another lovely chapter! Nice job! I am enjoying the developing relationship between Meredith and Chris. Excellent writing.
6/17/2012 c4 Kyashii
Oh my goodness! This is so exciting to read. I really like how surprised Meredith and Chris were to meet each other.
6/16/2012 c3 Kyashii
This chapter was also well-written. Excellent grammar and punctuation usage, too! That is something I always notice when I read story.
6/16/2012 c2 Kyashii
Oh no! Drama! I cannot wait to read how Meredith reacts to Christopher's coming back. I hope that they like each other!
6/16/2012 c1 Kyashii
So cute! I really like how PG it all is. Very sweet and endearing watching them play together. Great first chapter!
6/12/2012 c18 kthxbye
Will you please update? I'm so in love with this story, your writing is amazing and it keeps everyone on the edge of their seats! I'm going to literally die if you don't! i have it bookmarked and i check back everyday just to see if you updated! PLEASE.

I love you

you're awesome

Brittney Bieber(:(:
6/10/2012 c20 anon
This is my guess, but i'm thinking Trent is actually out part of the nights planning on a surprise party proposal, which will then put a twist in the situation more. And Chris will be the chef that caters/cooks the food for the party. Then Meredith will have to deal with awkwardness of the entire situation.

ok so onto my review. You are a good writer and pace the story pretty well. There are some faux suspenseful moments where we think Chris will show up, but do not, which makes the story feel less forced. The description and details make me feel like I'm in the story.

i think this story has so much potential, but it is missing one huge thing. A basis for a love connection between Meredith and Chris other than their physical attraction to each other. All Meredith thinks about is Chris's appearance. Her question about 'did he look the same' (which he did) as opposed to her asking 'what does he look like now?' seemed telling about her basis for attraction. I slightly wish that Chris (and Meredith for that matter) had a physical flaw. It would make the 'love story' a little bit more sweet. I wish she would reminisce some sort of connection she had with him years back rather than how handsome he is. The problem is, she did not have any sweet moments with him (other than when she was a small kid). It was just infactuation, lust and silly behaviors. I can't imagine her feeling this longing if he was a average joe or turned into one. She is too much in lust with his appearance, which doesn't really make the story very romantic. But, if that's not what you were going for, then thats ok.
6/9/2012 c20 7gulistala
Haha I loved the last bit in the previous version and I still feel the resonating shock Meredith feels, too. Can't wait till the next chappie!
6/9/2012 c20 jusomeone
seriously? Please don't make people beg u for a damn update will ya?what's taking u so long?
6/7/2012 c20 Elena
whyyyyyyyy are you taking so long? :( when is the next update? please don't tell me you died or something! we all need to know what happens! please hurry uo! (:
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