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for From the Cradle to the Grave

4/30/2012 c20 hazeleyes14
Wow your story is amazing! Please update soon i cant wait to find out whats going to happen! :)
4/29/2012 c20 JJ
r u updating soon? or am i just goin to hav to give up on this story? :(
4/29/2012 c20 jackie
4/28/2012 c20 4RonnieMeetsPaper
Okay, first off, I FRICKIN LOVE THIS STORY. I can't count how many times I laughed or cried...LOL I'm lame.

But anyways, this story had a wonderful way of making me switch between Team Shummy and Team Trent CONSTANTLY. It's amazing how I can't seem to choose now. xD

I also can't count how many times I yelled at the characters *cough*MERE*cough* for being so frickin STUPID. Ahaa, I'm probably a weirdo for yelling at my screen, but this story really immerses you into the fictional world. Good job at that! (:

Main Point? UPDATE.



Okay, if not now, then asap, mkay? (;

SOON...or else (cue evil laugh)

PS: normally I don't review things so feel honoured LOL (;

~Ronnie~ who's eyes are hurting from glueing them to the screen for 10 hours reading this story (here's to hoping she won't need glasses...)
4/22/2012 c20 Shelby
love love love. please, please, please update asap :)
4/22/2012 c20 Jill
ahh it's been almost a month since your last update! are you trying to kill us with suspense? i think yes. yes you are.
4/22/2012 c20 1HeartsOfDiamonds
Oh gosh wow. This story just gets more and more amazing. I guess it's not too surprising that Trent is/will cheat on Meredith (at least that's what I think will happen) but i loved the interaction between them. They seemed really cute together. I'm rooting for Chris and Meredith though and I'm so glad Chris got to pursue his career as a chef. Please update soon!
4/18/2012 c20 twibbit
Omg .. Wow .. Its sad to say that I think Trent and Meredith should be together till the end .. Like I think Chris shouldn't be in the picture x_x idk I think Trent and Meredith are cute and Chris is just... Not right for her :0 idk I'm rooting for Trent and Meredith till the end :) I hope he realizes what he's doing and swoops in and save Meredith from Chris :) update soon!
4/17/2012 c20 Brittney Bieber repost
Oh my heck. Oh my heck. Oh my heck. Oh my heck. Oh my heck. Oh my heck. How many times do i have to say that? A lot apparently. Hahahaha wow i totally just died reading the end of that chapter(:(:(: I had to force myself not to scroll down to the bottom, just in case they met again in this chapter, cuz i knew you'd cut it off there if they did meet(: [well duh. if you didn't cut it off it would be super anticlimactic. haha but i'd be squealing in my seat like a little girl if you ended the chapter or not(;] So wait. Is it really Meredith that Chris still likes...? Please say yes. I'm totally in love with Chris(: Even though it took him a million years to realize he loves Meredith. But yanno(: Haha dude i love this story so much that i even got my cousin to start it(: even though she's only a few chapters in. But hey, I spread the word about this freaking amazing story(: cuz it is freaking amazing. duhh.

anyways(: update soon and as regularly as you can(:(:

just thought i'd repost that because it means that you should update(: because, well, you should. haha if the other 930 reviews don't motivate you then i don't know what to say. But seriously. i am about to die. right. this. second. PLEASE update quick! only 5 more days and it will have been a month since you last updated! D: ahhh. and two times before that it was the end of November! please don't kill me!(; haha i love you(: and your story(: so update(:

loves from Brittney(:
4/15/2012 c20 Maddiesurfs
Please please update soon! The suspense is killing me, and i suspect at least a dozen more of your readers as wellllllll
4/12/2012 c20 ColourCascade
Aaaaaaahhhh you leave it THERE! I don't think I can wait... What a cliffhanger :( good story btw hehe
4/9/2012 c20 Flutterfly
Yes! :D Im glad and she definitely seems more mature now. I hope Trent isn't cheating on her :O i think it would be better if Meredith left him of her own regard rather than be forced to choose Chris. :D update sooooooooon!
4/8/2012 c20 Shadow of a lonely man
And they meet again... :'-)

I can't wait to know what happens further. Hope you're able to update soon!
4/6/2012 c20 Sneha903
omg they meet again! yeah !. I cant wait for the next chapter,lease update, im going to be busy after the long weekend, so the sooner the better :)
4/4/2012 c20 4insomniac895
oh man you gotta update soon!
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