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for From the Cradle to the Grave

5/31/2004 c2 5Spo0ky42
awesome awesome chapter! i love this story soo much, and normally i wouldn't go for this type of story, but this is an exception. i love it soo much! i can't wait until you post the nxt chapter. your writing becomes better and better each time you write. keep up the excellent work! :)
5/31/2004 c2 AnotherDreamer
ah you have to update soon!
4/18/2004 c1 2D.M. Jackson
that was so cool are you going to like go ahead in time to where mer is in school or stay and go slow with the story for more info? hmm can't wait to see...Fate
4/12/2004 c1 3Kiyume
That... was awesome! I'm guessing in the future Chris might be engaged to Katrina? I really like Meredith's character. I hope you continue ASAP! And, if you have extra time, could you check out my story?
4/9/2004 c1 Giggless2004
HEY! I REALLY liked your first chapter, it has TONS of potential for the rest of the story. I hope that you continue with it because i'm REALLY curious to see what will become of this. I really really hope that you submit more for this story...pretty pretty pretty please with sugar on top! :`D Anyways, keep up the good work! Hope to hear from ya soon ;`)
3/30/2004 c1 164outruntheavalanche
Great beginning! I'm looking forward to more!
3/23/2004 c1 1Wild Magelet
Please continue this! It's great, and I can't wait to see what happens between the older Meredith and Chris. PLEASE! Lol, shameless begging.
3/6/2004 c1 invisible girl
This is such a good story! please please please please continue! i love it!
3/5/2004 c1 10Socially Inept Kitchen Boy
This looks like it's such a cute story. The characters are so real and well developed-and it's only the first chapter :)
I can't wait for the next chapter. This one is definitely going in my favorites.
2/9/2004 c1 No1ToTrustButMe
Oh, please continue! I just read this today and you just got me hooked on to this story! Continue, please! There's just something different about this story...something that makes you just read and enjoy it! ^_^ Please continue!
2/8/2004 c1 Miss Construed
I have read your other story, Through Colored Glass and let me tell you, it is better than most published works I have read. But this one, From the Cradle to the Grave may just so happen to surpass it.
2/6/2004 c1 41Ave Nosredna
I LOVE IT! Please please please update this son!
2/4/2004 c1 5Spo0ky42
Interesting first chapter! I LOVE your descriptive language! I'm sorry it took me so long to review it, but I have been busy with my own stories :) But I really like this story and I can't wait to see where it's going to go! Keep up the terrific work!
1/28/2004 c1 42Sweet roses
Hm, that's very good. I like the way you write, very unique. I really like the way you made Meredith... she reminds me of the kid I used to baby-sit, Sarah... she was just like that. Really smart too. And I really don't like Katrina she pisses me off. You're very talented if you can get someone angry through literature... good job uh... nite...something rather ... ? uh well good job and PLEASE write more... :)
Yours Truly,
Sweet Roses
1/26/2004 c1 4msQTpa2T
This was most certainly very touching and cute. I can't wait to find out more about when he comes back. Errg, I don't like Katrina. She's one of those gorgeous people who know their gorgeous and are stuck up and snobby because of it. Aw... Shummy sounds like such a cute nickname coming from a six-year old. I'm excited to read more, so make sure to be quick to update. I always ask this of other people even though I myself am neglectful and slow. Trust me, I know, that's bad. So put up a new chapter as fast as you can, and I'll be sure to read and review if I have the chance. Good day.
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