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1/28/2004 c1 42Sweet roses
Hm, that's very good. I like the way you write, very unique. I really like the way you made Meredith... she reminds me of the kid I used to baby-sit, Sarah... she was just like that. Really smart too. And I really don't like Katrina she pisses me off. You're very talented if you can get someone angry through literature... good job uh... nite...something rather ... ? uh well good job and PLEASE write more... :)
Yours Truly,
Sweet Roses
1/26/2004 c1 4msQTpa2T
This was most certainly very touching and cute. I can't wait to find out more about when he comes back. Errg, I don't like Katrina. She's one of those gorgeous people who know their gorgeous and are stuck up and snobby because of it. Aw... Shummy sounds like such a cute nickname coming from a six-year old. I'm excited to read more, so make sure to be quick to update. I always ask this of other people even though I myself am neglectful and slow. Trust me, I know, that's bad. So put up a new chapter as fast as you can, and I'll be sure to read and review if I have the chance. Good day.
1/23/2004 c1 1FamousOneLiners
well written
and very good
update soon!
1/23/2004 c1 ghenne04
This seems like a really interesting story, or at least it seems like it will develop into that. I hope you keep writing, and update this very soon! Nice job!
1/22/2004 c1 jasey
More! I want more! In other words... great job. Well written, interesting and overall awesome! Hurry up and write more!
1/22/2004 c1 1Courting Insanity
I really like the idea for this story! I think it's cute and Meredith seems innocent with the hint of what her affections will be later on. I also like the nicknames they share. Chris reminds me of someone I knew. Hehe.. I like it. I hope you update soon!
1/22/2004 c1 13BellezAzul
Hey good start! :o) Make sure you update sooner, ok? I want to see their reactions to seeing each other ten years later, ok? good job
1/22/2004 c1 Ket Snow
Nice story... keep updating =)
1/22/2004 c1 8Lyra Torg
I like this so far. Very interesting premise.
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