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1/30/2005 c1 Uncle-Al2
Chapter 1 - Good set up, characters are memorable and seem multi-dimensonal. The reaction of the Chief of guards seems odd. Also, if the King forbids magic in the competition, shouldn't the half-elf girl be banned?Chapter 2 - You used some unexplained terms here. Really liked the ghost sequence and the partial explanation of the sword. Still lots of questions without clues so far.Chapter 3- Mistowa seems to have really changed from the first chapter, from slightly arogant to possibly evil. I didn't understand his punishment threat. "Cost you a month of time before I tell your secret"? Kenna seems to be a fun character too!
7/12/2004 c43 3thewindymill
AAHAH! IT'S HIM IT'S HIM! *runs to your profile, trips over your bio and starts reading Laurana's Quest Vol2*
7/5/2004 c43 Lily Pierce
YAY! Now I can't WAIT until chapter 2! ^_^
6/11/2004 c1 1Keja Toshiro
Hey hope, whats taking you so long to post, were dieing here...
4/15/2004 c42 Keja Toshiro
Umm, im confused. i dont think Dean is dead though... Get the next chapter up, and thanks for reccomending my sotry. I guess this means ill have to kick my lazy @$$ into gear and actually write for once. I got a puppy over Spring break thats why i couldn't write much forgive me. I promised and i wnet back on my word BAD JAKE BAD *Hits himself* Well Great story, ill wait for you to post rather than the email. Do you have an aim Sn? id love to chat with you sometime :)
4/15/2004 c41 Keja Toshiro
have any of you read the Belgaraid series? Well you know when Polgara is throwing her fit about Garion leaving, just imagine me doing that to my room... J/K its too good to burn, curse you lol. MUST READ EPILOUGE!
4/14/2004 c42 3thewindymill
Hyacinth...who's Hyacinth? did you put that name somewhere in this story?
gots a question: i think i know who the dark-haired man is but im not sure...can you tell me? don't send me any of the story, i want to find out as it comes email address across the bottom, this really is my fave story, it even says so in my profile ^^ till next time
Sarah aka bmw-193
4/14/2004 c41 thewindymill
*reviewing this chapter before i read the next* yea! wow...what else can i use to describe this story m
wow, is by far is my favorite story! no joke! great ending! and they lived happyly ever after, u forgot that part! j/k i didn't even spell happyly right did i? im really bad at spelling (maybe that's why all of my reviews had spelling errors). sorry about that. ok my review is done! *going off the read the epilogue and then review that*
4/14/2004 c42 Lily Pierce
I write everything out by hand, too. It takes forever to type up, but it's well worth it... Was that Dean? *prays that it was* I guess we'll find out in book 2... Will it be up soon? I'll accept some spoilers. *laugh* E-mail them to me at
4/14/2004 c41 Lily Pierce
Aww... an almost perfect ending. Except that I want Dean back. And Pietro died! *sob* I liked him! :( I forget who King Edmond is. ^^; It's been awhile since chapter one! I'm assuming that he's Mistowa's ruler? Or some such relationship? Anyway, on to the epilogue!
4/8/2004 c40 thewindymill
ahh! 2 more chp. !, well is a epilogue REALLY a chp? im thinking too much lol. yea! Inferna is gone! yahoo *happy dance* now u HAVE to post! i need to know what happens to Dean! post!
4/7/2004 c40 1Keja Toshiro
yay, shes gone. But there still cought in the smoggy stuff. Deans still dead...
4/7/2004 c40 Lily Pierce
HURRAH! She's gone! Well, at least for awhile. I generally don't trust death in books unless there's a corpse which has been burned to ashes. *nod* Dean can't be dead. He just can't be!
Please, please update soon!
4/2/2004 c39 Lily Pierce
I won't kill you. I know he's not dead, so killing you would just be a waste! *laugh* I can't wait for the next chapter...
4/1/2004 c39 3thewindymill
YEA! Kenna is good now! er right? Why did you do that to Dean? post soon! i like this once a day post thing. good thing to look forward to after school...
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