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4/1/2004 c39 1Keja Toshiro
well, if the story ends with him dead, i will throtle you. I did warn you after all...
3/31/2004 c38 3thewindymill
i knew it! well... no i didn't, but i would to think i did =) you better post!
3/30/2004 c38 Lily Pierce
I'm literally teary-eyed because of this chapter! Aww... I love Dean so much, particularly when he and Laurana are together. And I'm so glad that things are going to get better now! ^_^
3/30/2004 c38 1Keja Toshiro
well, kindof. I didn;t expect the part with the sword of heart, but now i know why it is clled that.
3/29/2004 c37 Lily Pierce
Yeah, I'm not fond of Inferna, either. *sigh* Poor evil woman!
Dean rules. ^_^ He really, really does. This chapter made me happy, Dean-wise. Not much else, though. How could it? *sigh* Poor everyone.
3/29/2004 c37 3thewindymill
you just gots to post! action soon? yes i do HATE Inferna...ill be reading the 2nd book no doubt, post or ill send my friends m lovalbe charaters on you! or i think that's what it is...i'm not sure even what that means...'^^, POST!
3/29/2004 c37 1Keja Toshiro
interesting... cough cough... erk? *raises an eyebrow..*
3/28/2004 c36 Keja Toshiro
good chapter, poor dean. Too lazy for a longer review today. KEEP WRITING
3/28/2004 c36 Lily Pierce
AGH! *stares* THEY CAN'T!
*takes deep breath* Okay, better now. I feel horrible for them... all of them! Stupid Inferna. She sucks. She should die. Painfully. *laugh*
I hope you'll post chapter 37 really really really soon!
3/28/2004 c35 Lily Pierce
DEAN! YES! ^_^ And Dean and Laurana moments, no less! *grins* I love you so much! Well, on to chapter 36!
3/27/2004 c35 Keja Toshiro
thats cool, GO Dean! bo inferna... I like how you did the moons, its like dragon lance. I like dragon lance. I wonder what will happen between dean and laurana...
3/27/2004 c35 3thewindymill
your posting fast! any reason? it's fine with me, it's just unusual...it sometimes takes ppl weeks or even months to post, put im find with this, you can con't like this ^^!
3/26/2004 c34 Lily Pierce
I was going to say... only eight chapters and an epilogue? Doesn't seem long enough! :) Poor Vera. I feel sorry for her, rather than for Laurana, because she's still on their side... And I like the sound of Infausto! :) Hopefully the next chapter will have Dean and Mistowa... I'll be waiting impatiently! ^_^
3/25/2004 c34 1Keja Toshiro
are you going to end this story and sart a new story, or just a book contiuation of this story? how old are you, you cant stll be in school. How else would you get a chapter up while im in school?
3/25/2004 c34 3thewindymill
8 more chp? WHAT? yea! 2nd book! hey i just want to tell you that is is a great story! i haven't said that to anyother of my stories before. keep it up!
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