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3/25/2004 c33 3thewindymill
*raises hand* great chp. nice twist!
3/24/2004 c33 Lily Pierce
*blink* Wow. Just... wow. OOh, I'm going to smack Inferna though! *glares* Stupid, stupid evil woman! *kicks wall* But on a lighter note, we finally know who Vera is! :) I half-suspected her, I think- didn't I? Oh well. I don't really remember. And Mistowa talked... twice? And there was Dean too! So I'm pretty happy. Except for Inferna. *grumbles* I hope you post the next chapter SOON!
3/24/2004 c33 1Keja Toshiro
so it was ophi. odd. i thought it would be a chapter, but that was almost too quick. oes she dissapear now, or does she just stay with the group, shes too powerful now. Did you get the idea from a reader, or yourself? dont kill dean or mistowa. thats my only request, besides maybe a little more development of the characters, maybe a seperation could accomplish that :) Ill shut up now, later!
3/23/2004 c32 Keja Toshiro
1)the guardian is... maybe kenna's mom? somthing to that idea...
2) chapters, if shes good, 2, if shes better, 3, if lauarna uses clerical powers while in her precense, 1.
3)to kill somone to save somone else... kinda sad, but an interesting plot twist, beth, nathan, laurana(bring her back)Stephano
4 beth- nathan
stephano- pietro
5 going to die... ophi or chris or stepahno (if you kill dean or mistowa ill flame you for like 3 chapters, just warning you)
(scuse me for that...)
3/23/2004 c32 3thewindymill
1. Opheliana i dunno!
2. m 3 i dunno that either!
3. Stephano, again im not sure..
4. Laurana, is she even a choice?
5. i think Laurana will die. you know the save the world and die in the process thing? Nathanalas, he just doesn't seem like the dying er type ^^'
6. Laurana, she's brave and cause how laid back she is. oh! and also cause she fights, i like fighting stuff ^^
post! and i agree, computers r evil...
3/22/2004 c32 Lily Pierce
1) Who do you think is the Guardian?
Beth. Or Opheliana, if that is how her name is indeed spelled.
2) How many more chapters do you think it will take before she is revealed?
Many, many more. A twist this important shouldn't be introduced and solved too quickly.
3)Which character would you kill to save the life of another character?
Beth. She's annoying (too whiney and perfect.)
4)Which character would be saved?
Mistowa. Mistowa cannot be permitted to perish!
5) Out of all the characters that I have written about, at least one is going to die. Who do you think it is? Who do you think would not die?
Laurana can't die- unless she sacrifices herself. I'd say it's probably Mistowa, since he's human and weaker, though perhaps Christiana would to make Kenna good again.
6) What has been your fav chapter so far and why.
Um... I don't know! I like all of them, I guess!
3/22/2004 c31 1Keja Toshiro
cool chappy, my next is up if you feel like readin it... hint hint**. Well, i personally want to see stephano young. I want to see what happens when nathan learns about pietro, what will happen between dean and lora, if anything, and what ophe asked for, and what kinda of power chris has commanding both powers! YOU MUST KEEP WRITING AND NEVER STOP... and that is final.
3/22/2004 c31 Lily Pierce
OOh, it gives you a bit of a tense, creepy feeling there at the end... Aww, Mistowa has a girl! *smiles* He's still one of my favorites- I'm not sure who I like better, him or Dean. (I don't like female characters very often, as they have a tendency to be too perfect, even my own!) Anyway, I'm sure they'll all survive... but I hope you'll update soon!
3/18/2004 c30 Lily Pierce
Yay! Lots of Mistowa in this chapter, and many hints of Laurana/Dean! ^_^ Things like that put me in a good mood! *grin* I love the forest. It's brilliant. I can't wait to see what the wishes will be...
3/18/2004 c30 3thewindymill
ya! posty! u must post soon! post! plz?
3/18/2004 c30 1Keja Toshiro
useful chapter. Astore left :( o well... whens the next survey? And i got up my next chapter YAY
3/16/2004 c26 9Lunar Wulf Gemini
really good. I like it alot. You have great characters.
3/5/2004 c29 3thewindymill
just begun eh? this could be interesting...yes! you but action! i love action thx you so much! ^^ *gives you a cookie* ^^ post soon!
3/3/2004 c29 1Keja Toshiro
umm you think youre evil, but you havn't met my friends, they make you look like laurana to inferna! its scary... i wonder how kenna will react when (if) she figures out laura is her sister and nathan her brother. and nathan when(if) he finds out pietro is his father (i like my when (if)'s)
2/29/2004 c28 Keja Toshiro
yah you should have nagged me i am having trouble with this hill in my block, but after i get on the downward slope (when i get them to the city) i should be fine again (yay) why did you have to stop at thta point its like you know were going to read anyway why do you need a cliffy!
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