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2/9/2004 c17 1Keja Toshiro
I still like Mistowa, he's awsome, Kenna, i think shes a deranged lunatic, a good character but as a person shes a deranged lunatic :) Well, you must write more, i only review the last c happy i read, so here it goes for chap 16. I like how you do your war planning, its interesting, but you might want to explain both sides of the planning, just so we can see how the battle is truly playing out other than right where the White knights are, i dont exactly get what all the powers are, i mean everyone gets like powerful and then we have Mistowa, a hardened veteran sure, but he needs some new skill, maybe a magical blade?
2/8/2004 c16 Lily Pierce
Aww, so sad... I'm glad Stephano will be staying in the story. He's really nice. Poor Pietro. I'm really, really glad that Kenna will be okay, though I still don't understand why she was willing to hurt her friends, even to gain power. Hmm. I can't wait for the next chapter!
2/7/2004 c15 Keja Toshiro
this is a neat chapter, i like how stepahno is so warming to Nathan, you'd think thats how he'd act considering. I dont really get whats completly up with the clerical powers and the sword powers.
2/7/2004 c14 Keja Toshiro
I dont know why, but my favorite character is most definitly mistowa. Give a little more desc of the fear struck by the hoardes streaming towards the castle, just an idea, and what does thier army consist of? humans? Goblinoids? Giant turatulas (honestly i like that idea to have few of them supporting the reg troops) well thats all i got to say, but im reading so im happy:)
2/6/2004 c15 Lily Pierce
I can't wait to see what will happen next with Kenna. :)
The chapter itself was really sweet. *smiles softly* I like Stephano, too.
2/6/2004 c14 3thewindymill
ya! i got to chp. 14! ^^ i really like this story. it has a lot of good action and blood. i love blood lol in stories anyway O_o. can't wait for the next post! ^^
2/5/2004 c14 Lily Pierce
Favorite character? Tie between Mistowa and Kenna. Though I still don't understand why she would attack them, no matter how much power she might gain from it... Anyway, I can't wait to see what happens next!
2/5/2004 c13 Lily Pierce
Geez, Kenna just doesn't get a break, does she? *laugh* Sorry I'm late reviewing... Anyway, on to the next chapter!
2/3/2004 c13 1Keja Toshiro
Cool story, i must read more... you asked many times for us to post, so i did, im going to be a religious reader now, ill review every other chappy though. if you feel like reading any of mine, look at The Mashani, my other ones suck
2/2/2004 c12 Lily Pierce
Yay, she's back and now they know that she and Nathan are twins! ^_^
1/30/2004 c11 Lily Pierce
Agh! *sobs* That was really, really sad! I can't wait to see part two..
1/29/2004 c1 8urlastchance27
I would just like to start off by saying sorry for the delay in returning your review.
Although I only had time to read the first chapter, I must say this story is very well written! I liked the twist of making the powerful half-elf knight a woman =D! Women who don't take crap are the coolest, I think. Well perhaps I will have time later to read more (I hope I do!). Until then, happy writing!
Lord of Storms
1/29/2004 c9 1Bardic Melody
You know, I actually feel bad for Kenna. It has to be hard, choosing between friends and family. But I would never let anything happen to my family either, even at the cost of friends...
Here's to hoping that Kenna can get away from the Queen of Darkness!
Melody Out!
1/29/2004 c8 Bardic Melody
Yay, together again!
I can't imagin being called "Great One" by a griffon. That must be unnerving!
Melody Out!
1/29/2004 c7 Bardic Melody
Wow, that Elvin blood is nasty stuff. But living a longer life would be nice, just not at the expense of so many others. Well done. I like this elvin blood thing! I've never seen it before.
I like the romance between Nathanalas and Bethanyla too. Just a little tint of it is nice. I hope they can be together.
Melody Out!
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