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for Taunts

1/31/2004 c1 6Black and Silver Dreamer
Beautifully truthful. This is happening at my school alot. Last year my school accused me and my other wiccan friends of being in a cult, and called our parents and everything. It was bad, but this really nails it about teasing and being picked on. Simply once again, beautifully truthful.
1/30/2004 c1 81daphnegray78
What can I say? Some poeple are just doomed to be a**es (
1/24/2004 c1 littleraincloud
Our world is so stupid yet no one takes notice.we always take our anger out on each other.Our world sucks.Good poem.
1/24/2004 c1 31BleedingClowns13
It's good, I like it.
1/23/2004 c1 123Pandabear575
i am in highschool and i see everyday how cruel people are. this is very well written keep writting
1/23/2004 c1 20Ariadne P. Knight
This is beautifully done...

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