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for Water Bugs

3/24/2004 c1 Bizorking Mettleflop
I once read about these teddy bears who would abduct small children and take them to caves in the Netherlands before eathing them. My point is: grammar stamp folder juice.
3/10/2004 c1 Chartreuse with Envy
Well, I just read this for the second time, and again, I am completely astounded. THIS IS AMAZING. I don't understand. I'm going to go cry in the corner now. Please, please, please never stop writing. EVAR.
2/17/2004 c1 AmazinglyAccurateAstrologer
A young Mr. Johnson of the weasel persuasion wants to ask you to prom. Be prepared.
2/7/2004 c1 4Cecil Wazowski
This is completely amazing. I am astounded. How did you learn to write so well? What a powerful work of strategery.
Al Gore 2004!
PS I once had a classmate named Kawaii, and she was really mean and foul.
1/25/2004 c1 34Nasifah
That piece was absolutly beautiful. Everything is so clear and well-depicted. Also, I really liked your metaphor of water bugs. Does any of this reflect your life? It seems so real. Keep writing!

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