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for Children of the Gods

2/26/2004 c4 22Loki Mischeif-Maker
Wow. Random or not, there is a lot of emotion packed behind these stories. They are extremely well done, and I like what I've read.

You could have added tags to this last chapter, but that's about the extent of the negatives I can say. . . .

2/26/2004 c4 2La Pamplemousse
Oh, how pretty! I liked it! WHAT? I CAN'T fly? NO!
Please update soon, this is really good!
1/27/2004 c3 La Pamplemousse
Oh, this is lovely! Please continue, I'd love to see how this goes! *adds to fav. stories list*
1/25/2004 c1 34Nasifah
I love this! It's so vivid...can I have some more, please?

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