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for Hurting Catherine

10/11/2005 c1 Sally-andersonn
Oh my god! This is really dark. I really like this.
8/12/2005 c1 outsider
The narrator, that two-faced, shallow-hearted, backstabbing, preppy serpent, did a cruel and horrible thing. It serves her right that she lost Catherine's friendship.
2/2/2004 c1 6Sallymander
Oh wow. Peer pressure can be a horrible thing. I can relate to some small things that are similar. This is really good. Keep writing!
2/2/2004 c1 335chainedfreedom
but then why be popular and not be happy
-thats the best line out of the whole story.
by the way, is this true?
it's so sad, i can see why cath hates you, but at least your seorry for what you did.
i went trhough alot of bullying and am still having 'issues' with a girl at school. people someimtes don't realize how mcub bullying hurts,
i remember trying to explain what the feeling is to one of my freidns, who had never been badly bullied, i said (and its diff for everyone i guess)
it's like a weight has settled its self on your chest, sometimes the wight gets so heavy you can't breathe properly, and it hurts physicaly too, i once actualy started crying because my chest hurt so much. and this was just words being tossed at me.
i have the best ever friedns, im not popular, but everyone knows me beacause of the fights which seem to get drawn to me (i've had alot of b*itchy fights with otehr kids, none of em, my fault either...)
but to any bully's out there, plently of kids think about suiicde each day when you just poke 'fun' at them. i remember sitting in my bedroom, clutching my pocket knife and tracing it on my skin, daring my self to stab it through.
its alot more serious than you think. the weight gets heaveier and heavier, until it finaly shatters your rubcage, and penetrates your heart.
this stroy shows an exelent example though to victems out there, that some ppl do actually have regret.
this story is going into my fav's, and it's deffinatly one i'll remember.
and i hope others do too.
1/26/2004 c1 7ku
wow. what a tragedy. although the happy ending ruined the effect a little. this writing had potential to, as they say, bleed tears from the readers, but it doesn't quite manage to achieve that (not with me that is). but this is a true story, I assume, so changing the storyline to manipulate the reader would be quite tasteless. if this story is true what you did was really, really wrong, but I remember doing something similar when I was little, so I guess we're all susceptible to peer pressure.

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