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for Sacrifice

4/25/2004 c1 32FanDamme
Gahh! That's IT? Gr... *Makes random mongoose dog noises* I, am a mongoose dog, and YOU shall do as I say. Write more...
4/25/2004 c3 FanDamme
Wot Michael... That's my big brother's name! ^^
4/15/2004 c2 turbocookie me again
GO SHOUNEN-AI! :P Do that one. Gay guys are so sweet. :) *waves yaoi-lover flag around*
There's shounen-ai in A Wished Fate, it just hasn't been introduced yet :)
4/15/2004 c1 Turbo Cookie
that sound like me :P it's really good ^^ thanks for the review (i'm just being to lazy to sign in ;) )
2/5/2004 c3 73An Inside Joke
Incredibly descriptive, it has a different style from the first chapter. I'm not sure if that was intentional.
2/3/2004 c3 sakurafox 666
God damn that was good, sorry I haven't totally caught up. My computer was broken.
2/3/2004 c2 sakurafox 666
Shounen ai! Shounen ai! Please update soon! _
2/2/2004 c3 Sweetest-Smile
Ya! Chap 3 is up!
Kool chap!
I hope u update soon!
1/31/2004 c2 Sweetest-Smile
hmm...i don't really know...
how about mix both up?
Like humor with lost and confused...
Don't listen to me.I don't know what i'm thinking^-^ Just post whatever,
I know it'll be good^-^
1/31/2004 c2 An Inside Joke
Why not post both? I don't know what those words mean, but you know the charect better than I do, so you should no which feels more real. Maybe you could write it as two stories, or combine them and make it like "this story could turn out two ways" and have it go every other chapter- 1 ai 2no 3 ai 4no . . .
From your first chapter, I feel like I already know the charecter. One thing- you wrote merger when I think you meant meager. Whatever you do, I hope you decide and update soon!
1/31/2004 c2 23suicide-greeting
i vote the one that has confusion and being lost. yea...yah know which one...
1/30/2004 c1 3midnitestarz13
so far its good, write more and ill see how it goes
1/27/2004 c1 2Hope's Daughter
I like this. It's a very intriguing beginning. can't wait to see more!
1/26/2004 c1 Sweetest-Smile
Kool! it's so deep,
i like it^-^
update soon!
1/26/2004 c1 23suicide-greeting
wow deep. keep writing it, please?

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