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3/2/2011 c15 1silentscream4luv
Nevermind. I re-read your a/n.
3/2/2011 c14 silentscream4luv
I've heard that story before, about the whales and the woman... Where did you hear it?
11/14/2008 c33 5Highlands
hi julia, like this story . very different from your others but i love the suspense this give. hope to read more of these!

would there be an epilogue? thanks! keep it up
2/11/2008 c33 3AJS
Hm. I don't know, I don't really buy it. You don't love someone if you're going to so readily give into that attraction of someone else. Twice. When you know that the girl you love is a breath away from death. Are you fucking kidding me? How can you even call that love? And I don't see how a girl could go chasing after a guy just because he left. I don't see how a guy thought that things could just be back to normal after that. I don't see how a girl could let him. Especially if it seems like Hannah managed to cause every one of her previous boyfriends to betray her before. And Sam didn't really prove to be much different, did he?

A couple of other notes... you never addressed what happened in the past that made Katherine the way she is. It didn't really make sense why she was so independent. Just because your parents died at 16 doesn't mean you won't rely on anyone. In chapter 3, Sam went with Katherine to work in her car, but then why did they come out and she saw his rental car? That didn't really make sense. Hadn't they taken her car? There were also so geographical things... living in SF, there's no room in SF to park 5 cars, even in the richest areas. Parking is a major issue in SF, so unless you have your own garage, it's not really practical. Also, there are no vineyards in SF. Once again, it's the space issue. All the vineyards are at least an hour North in Napa, not SF. Another thing is that wouldn't Katherine have been taken to a foster home if her parents had died at 18? I think that's something required by law... and in Chapter 28, he said he hadn't love her, but actually he did tell her that he loves her too...

I know you said you don't check this anymore, but reviews are sent to your email as well as posted on fictionpress. Maybe you don't plan to go back and change anything from your previous fics, but I think you might as well just tell people not to read your stories at all. Or take them down, I don't know. It's always nice to still have feedback anyways. Even for things you don't plan to change. Not every correction or suggestion could pertain only to your current story. It could also be used to improve your future works as well.

I liked your paragraph at the end, though it didn't really seem to fit with the rest of the story. I don't know. I also think that Katherine's relationship with Jake should have been explained a little more. Why didn't she include him in her serious boyfriends list? Why hadn't Katherine met Sam before now, since she and Jake were such good friends?

Just some things to think about. I liked the story up until the end. I don't know. It was like you painted this picture of a sweet romance, and then you ruined it with Hannah. Why would Sam give into a temptation like that, when he hadn't even had sex with Katherine either? That's like filling a void he didn't even have to begin with...

- Alyssa
1/5/2007 c1 siddika
1/3/2007 c1 youpin
Excellent story.
7/19/2006 c4 10A Different Kind of Yellow
fab start
11/17/2005 c33 10Hell's first Icicle
woah. that was truely beautiful. mind id i quote u on this? -You live, and you breathe, and then you die. Sometime in between, you fall in love. Some loves stay forever, while others last merely a day. But they’re always there, underneath all the years of hurt and pride and growing. If it’s true love, it’s never forgotten or lost. Don’t say it’s too young for love, or it’s too soon. Love knows no age or distance or amount of time. Love is a feeling, embedded deep within the hearts of two people, that squeezes them tightly and threatens never to let go. =D

oh, one thing tho... u sed, afta she confessed her love, he ran, but then, he also told her he loved her. in the hospital scene, however, he sed he was sorry for never tellin her he loved her...? was that a mistake, or is there sumthing deeper there that im not gettin?

really beautiful. again. there seems to be too big a coincidence on the sam and jake bein semi-pyros tho... oh, i dunnoz, ignore me. keep writing!
10/4/2005 c11 18flying blind
OMG you are so gonna kill me... so maybe I should stop writing this review and just start running.

I'm meant to be working at the moment... See how well that’s going?

Ok on with the review ... I love this story! It’s so cute, and apparently I have lots to catch up on. So I know what I’ll be doing this week. I promise to leave a better review then too! =)

About your response… Sorry sorry I know. I can’t believe you had to sit there staring at your screen for 5 minutes... It hasn’t been that long… Ok maybe it has.

Of course you’re in my profile girly Thanks for the support.

Lyss xx
6/30/2005 c22 Guest
that was abrupt...
6/30/2005 c10 Guest
when did they start kissing?
6/28/2005 c33 raine0211
i'll talk to you on aim about your q's. just im me. good story babe.
6/28/2005 c31 raine0211
fighting was realistic...him not reacting to her comment about the fling was not. how could he just ignore that?
6/28/2005 c29 raine0211
who was the last line referring to?
6/28/2005 c27 raine0211
i like how sam ain't perfect. but i also like how he actually controls himself. i think the thinker in the last part is not sam although youmight like us to think heis...i could be wrong. we'll see. lol.
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