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6/26/2016 c28 midnightsscream
I'll give a more indepth review once I've re-read everything, but YOU'RE BACK! I loved this story and now that you're updating again I'm looking forward to falling in love with it all over again
6/26/2016 c28 Jenimi
EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeee! Oh gods I'm so excited, * claps maddeningly then sprints out into the backyard streaking in celebration* I can't tell you why aside from the fact that I am just overjoyed that you have decided to return to your story. I'm just so over the moon. It has been so long for me, ... 10 years actually ... O.o When I got the notification that you had published chapter 28 I had no idea what the story was about, honestly couldn't remember from the title and from the description. So I went back and started rereading it and it was like instant "oh my God, I know exactly what the story is about, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh." I spent the better part of the past three days literally any spare minute I had rereading the previous chapters and it was so totally worth it. I can't get over the fact that as I was reading chapter 28 and it was literally raining outside, it was so perfect. I can't tell you quite what it is but something about the story and the characters has stuck with me ever since I started reading this. I just hope that you are willing to continue the story especially to its eventual conclusion that I know is gonna come, despite how much I don't want it to but honestly I just hope you finish it and frankly I hope that someone will take a chance on you and publish this book. I really think other people would really enjoy it. Well I saved chapter 29 for tonight so hopefully I'll have another review for you tomorrow or rather more praises to sing.
6/26/2016 c29 chibikodo
Ok now that it's settled, can someone clue the rest of us in on what the heck they want to use Riga for? I am still in the process of rereading everything. Kaezik, wake up! Riga is in a while buncha trouble he isn't able to get himself out of.

Thanks for the update :)
6/26/2016 c29 SnugBugs
Jesus, being a dawn kind of sucks lol, if you have to go through so much physical and psychological damage. My god. So Elnath took Riga because he has some sort of power, right? Does he know he's close to one of the Dawn's little brothers? If not, that'll be icing on the cake for him lol As for Kaezik, his eyes are black? Usually when someone goes blind, their eyes create this whitish-blueish film over their eyes instead of being completely black. Is this purposeful? Like, does his eyes being blcl have something to do with the Dragon's fire or being a dawn? Also, one more question, I promise, lol, the thing that attacked Kaezik, you keep calling it a firebird and everyone in the story a dragon, but is it a Phoenix, like his dawn? Anyway, thanks for another great chapter and I am eagerly awaiting the newest one! By the way, how many chapters, generally, are on a part?
6/26/2016 c29 WayfarerRedemption
Wow! what a chapter. I wonder if everyone will have to fight Riga.
6/25/2016 c29 Cherri101
6/20/2016 c28 SnugBugs
Hi! I'm sooo glad you're back! I hope you continue to write a story set in this universe after this! Actually, I've been quite curious about that one military leader guy (I think) who was in a relationship with that other guy's son! It would be cool to see 'cause I think their story is adorable, and, I would live to continue to see your amazing world-building
6/15/2016 c28 WayfarerRedemption
Thank you for the wonderful chapter! Im so glad that your still working on this story and I am looking forward to more!
6/14/2016 c28 Sophia
I am so happy you're continuing this story, sorry it took me so long to leave a review but when I saw it updated I decided to go back and reread from the beginning. I love the world you created and the characters that live in it! I look forward to part 5. Thanks again for continuing!
6/12/2016 c28 Guest
Glad this story is back️️️
6/7/2016 c28 Guest
Wow omg! It's been so many years, I can't believe that you're back and updated a new chapter! Welcome back. I'm really happy because I've had this story in my favorite list since 2009 and I would often come back and mourn how this story has been abandoned. Thank you for continuing this awesome story and hope you can find the motivation to finish it. Great to have you back, and thanks for not giving up.
6/3/2016 c28 Adrasteia Yu
Oh Gosh! Thank you for the update! I've been re-reading your story numerous times over the course of almost ten years because I like the story and the characters within so much, each time hoping (or praying) for continuation so I can know what will happen to them. I'm glad my prayer was answered. Thank you for not abandoning this story. Please please finish the story before editing it. I truly hope you will finish it. Thank you again for this update. This is probably my favourite chapter so far.
5/30/2016 c28 3Shamalan Grey
I was ecstatic to see a new chapter up. I have always loved this story and always hoped it hadn't gone on a permanent hiatus. I did, of course, have to reread the story to refresh it in my mind. No I am pretty sure that we all know who the Lion and the Phoenix are and I hope it will be brought to light soon.

I can't wait until the next chapter and I am eager to figure out exactly what happened to Kaezik.

5/28/2016 c28 chibikodo
My gosh I need to reread this story! I had almost given up hope at seeing an update to any of your stories. Hope you're doing well! I am sure real life grabbed hold of you like it has with most of us.

Thanks for not only posting an update but also letting us know our protagonists no longer have to deal with UST. :)
5/27/2016 c27 4OnceUponAFeudalFairytale
Thank you so much for updating! I love this story from the bottom of my heart so I'm so glad you updated!
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