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2/3/2013 c11 Fuck-usernames
FUCK NOOOO! I am receiving Emotional trauma at the hands of this story and you do THAT?! FUUUUUCK! I hate you soooo much right now for bringing that bitch into the story! Gah! So much drama! I must read more:D
11/13/2012 c27 wintereve
I first read this story 5 yrs ago. Today I suddenly thought of it and went searching. I did not remember the name or author. So had to do a key word search with diff combos like dragon, serpent, elvira etc. Was jubilant when i stumbled on to the right story. It is still as beautiful as I remembered. If you are ever planning to update again, know that your loyal fans are still waiting. We are a 100% behind you. Best of luck.
11/8/2012 c27 gismo1
Gods help me... I have just found your fantastic story two days ago and couldn't keep my eyes off of it. I have breezed through it and became more and more entangled in the characters with every hour and chapter. I almost had a stroke when I realized the story is far from finished and the last update had been four years ago. Going to your profile I saw the note you left a year ago, giving me hope that you still have not abandoned this lovely piece and are trying to finish it someday. I'd be more than happy if you did. As to not miss it, I shall keep it on my watchlist. If you ever decided it would be worth your time to publish this or other original work of yours, I'd be more than happy to purchase a copy. Even if you would not, please do consider to keep writing. It would be such a shame to never read something from you again.
8/10/2012 c27 CanaryChirp
Amazing. If you ever find that you are willing to finish this, I'd greatly appreciate a PM.
7/21/2012 c27 Tt
I still live in hope that one day this will be completed. Until then I will reread it twice a year as I have been since 2008 and attempting to imagine the rest of the story.
5/5/2012 c10 so i stop reading
OOoops. yep. that’s true. i hope you still checking this acc now and again. you have this constant long-ass-chapter-update, which is good. the plot’s pretty enggaging up to this chap… but your characters were too feminine all the time, there’s no difference between het and slash anymore :( but then i read your bio and… well. yep, i understand. maturity does affect what we do -write. ah. it’s 2012 nao, i hope we’ll get an update sometime soon *bookmarked* until then i better stop myself now. good luck :)
1/25/2012 c22 disallowed
That last scene was absolutely amazing.
1/20/2012 c27 The Laziest Pumpkin
Dear The Inkslinger,

First off I would like to start by saying that you would not believe how grateful I am to have read this novel. You are truly a master of words a prophet of storytelling and have been in my highest point of admiration since the first chapter. You single handedly inspired a person who had no idea what they wanted to do in life to become a writer. Your characters are whole, your plot lines faultless, and sweetly enticing; you set the bar for what I expect out of literature. It's taken me over three years to muster the confidence to review your beautiful story and I can honestly say that no matter where in the world I am nor how old I become I will always come back to your story in the hope of update.

Thankyou for the adventure,

11/17/2011 c18 French Fries on Tuesday
Omg omg this is so amazing. I read this till 3am yesterday because the plot was so bloody arresting I COULDN'T stop.

It's probably just me, but I'd prefer if one story featured only one set of main characters. Up till now I'm not yet very taken with the Lion/Phoenix, though I hope that will change soon. Love love love Ikeda. He amuses me :D The Dragon/Serpent pair are just too awesome, my loyalties lie with them. Am I making sense? Three hour probability lectures are strangling my brain ;A;

On the bright side, I totally saw this coming! /happy dance

XXX please please continue this soon please I love you /sniffles
10/10/2011 c27 tasha
This is an absolutly breathtaking story, and I hope you find it in yourself to continue it soon! The only negative comment I could make is that it seems that the characters are always in some sort of trouble, and there are no breaks between all the angst. That is just my personal opinion, though. :)
9/5/2011 c27 Cherri101
8/18/2011 c27 cherri101
please please UPDATE
7/28/2011 c27 3TheOneOkami
Hey. xD It's me again. The one that wrote you that extremely long review to try and get you to continue this amazing plot that shouldn't be thrown away. I can honestly say I've waited patiently :O See? xD I even waited until it was late July to bother you again. Hoping you see this new review, I just wanted to ask, is this story going to be continued? I know.. I know.. I already asked once. And I swear if I had a tail it'd be wagging the moment I heard you say you were possibly going to continue this summer. I guess just now I, and I'm sure the readers of this story, want the confirmation as to whether this story will or will not be continued. I am dying for some Shumba and Ryunne..You have no idea. xD It'd be greatly appriciated if I got a response like last time! That was a great feeling, knowing you were alive!
7/6/2011 c12 yora132
please please please update this! i just started reading this yesterday and havent slept since cuz its just that awesome!
6/26/2011 c27 mitsuki44
Omgosh, is it done? It seems nowhere near complete, but then I see it was last updated in 2008? D:

Ohh, this has quickly become one of my favourite stories! (Thank you so much to SKoW to leading me here!)

My favourite thing about this story is how HUMAN all your characters seem to be...yes they're all heroes and incredibly Gifted (no pun intended, har har :P) and have gone through so much, but instead of placing them on a pedestal, you've shown that they too have weaknesses and doubts and are not always completely confident about themselves 100% of the time too.

You've shown us that love really can transform people (although hopefully this can happen in real life as well!) and have created some of the cutest couples of all time! Ikeda and Shanza, Shumba and Ryunne, Riga and Kaezik, Dezra and Zethus...they're all so ADORABLE! It's almost too much to bear sometimes, how sweet they are to each other :P

I really, really, REALLY hope that there is more to this story and that you will update!

Just a few questions though: 1) the huge change that took place in Ikeda's character...he was previously cold and aloof and it seemed that after meeting Shanza a couple of times, he was completely changed. Was this intentional and meant to show how Shanza's influence on him? It seemes a little jerky to me... and 2)I'm just curious...why didn't the Dawns pick their own bodyguards? Was it considered too much/or too trivial work to be done by the Dawns or something? And also, why do we see so much of Shanza's guards but not of Ikeda's?

I really hope there will be an update soon, I'll be watching for it! Thanks so much for posting this story online and making my week! :D
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