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2/7/2004 c3 9Warui Warui Neko
You should! (Get an inflated ego) This really is simply wonderful! I'm so glad I actually took the time to read it- at first I wasn't going to... And another thing, to be truthful, I rarely ever review stories- therefore *this*, the two before it and the ones that will most definitely follow, are proof enough (well at least to me ^o^) that I absolutely adore your writing! (Has your ego gotten any bigger?)
So, please- I'm begging you- PLEASE (*laughs*) continue soon!
Warui Warui Neko
-I'm gonna add you to my favorite author/story list now! ^-^ (I can feel the swelling of egos...)
2/7/2004 c3 jander
WOW! This story had me totally engrossed! I love it! And wonder of wonders, I see that "critter" has shown up - Darn! The Cliffhanger! Ugh! Please PLEASE! Release the story, make the cliffhanger let go! Fantastic story
2/4/2004 c2 anonymous
hey! this story is great, u should update it soon, i'm looking forward to shanza and ikeda's meeting
2/3/2004 c2 Warui Warui Neko
No! Not at all, it definitely wasn't too slow- I was in a round-about-way saying that I thought it was going to be very good ^.^ Sorry if I confused you! Now that you've posted the second chapter the suspense keeps building - I'm simply going *mad* wondering what will happen when Shanza and Ikeda meet. Okay, so not really... but I do want to see what you have in store for us, poor reviewers- So please continue soon!
Warui Warui Neko
2/1/2004 c2 3Lorelei
Yay! Another chapter! ^_^ Don't worry, it's not as slow as you might think, and it is getting more and more interesting. I'm quite hooked, anywho.
That explanation does make sense. I've had a few problems myself with Word and its evil HTML conversions. -glares at Word- But don't worry about it too much; it's not really a big problem. Like I said before, I was just nit-picking. ^_^
You know, I just realized...I reviewed the first chapter on the day it was uploaded, and I'm doing the same thing with this one! O_o I must get online too much...
Anyway, great story, great second chapter, and I can't wait to meet Ikeda. You're a very talented writer.
2/1/2004 c1 9Warui Warui Neko
I absolutely love it! It's very well written and you have already managed to characterize most of your characters in a way that makes them most believeable- you're right it is a bit slow, but that's to be expected if its going to be any good at all. I hope that you will continue as soon as possible! I would love to read the next chapter ^.^
Warui Warui Neko
1/30/2004 c1 3Lorelei
Excellent beginning - it might have been a bit slow, but it dragged me in anyway. ^_^ One thing I noticed is that there were several places were you put a dialogue tag and the line of dialogue into seperate paragraphs, for example:
Nodding, Kaezik agreed indifferently,
"It would be impossible."
I got confused a few times about who was talking because of this (then again, I'm easily confused ^_^). It would probably be better to put the dialogue tag and the line itself in one paragraph.
Oh, don't mind me. I'm just nit-picking. Tis a great story - your writing is both well-done and descriptive. I'm waiting for the next chapter. -impatient poke- ^_^
1/30/2004 c1 9Lunar Wulf Gemini
I like it. Very well written.
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