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for Isolation

4/15/2005 c1 2LillieLuv808
wow! I feel the exact same way...Its sickining really...They pretend that their life is oh so horriable...all i want to say is try being me then you'll really feel what a horriable life is...Great poem! keep up the great work!
1/31/2004 c1 33shinco
Mna, you must have it bad. Do people still make fun of you and all the other junk they usually try to lay on you? I mean it's not fair. Some people think it's just so much fun to bring other people down, and it's only hurting them so much! Isolation is never something we should have to deal with. Course, I'm alone all the time and have been for about all my school life! I'm 14 and anti-social. I actually got used to it so much, I liked it and still do...
1/30/2004 c1 43counterpart
"I see those perfect people
dancing on my heart."
those were beautiful lines. The imagery is delicate and carefully done I'd have to say.

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