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2/8/2004 c1 Ollie
Hmm. I rather like that. The ending is sad, Ex, but that's just the way I like them.
You have such a knack for small-town feel. All of these characters feel very alive, with maybe the exception of Hillary. But as it's a short story, she doesn't need much attention. I guess I was looking to see her really freak out, have some emotion beyond "Gosh, sorry I'm just so frightened." Or that she'd leave him after the birth/death. You also have an interesting way with names- Juice Harp for example. At first I wasn't sure I had read right "Georgia who was her mother" "Georgia who was her grandmother." And I was like "Ops, mistake." Then it wasn't a mistake, and that made it all the better.
I nearly laughed when Annie held Juice Harp over her head "triumphantly" to throw him in! ^_^
Thanks for letting me know this was here. You know I love your work. (I still like that grapes one and the elephant one a lot.. and bright shiny apples... and... I like mosto f them a lot ::grin:: )

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