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for The Deities: The First Adventure

2/7/2004 c33 1Mershu
w00t! Excellent job Julie! I loved it. :D :D I can't wait for your next story, my friend!
2/7/2004 c1 Mershu
Ariel-girl-whatever-your-name-is who signed here. She doesn't own the characters except for herself. The rest of us who are in the story own ourselves! ^^ That and she 'borrowed' a few ideas from Sailor Moon. Just thought I would clear that up for you. ^^
2/5/2004 c33 75Amora Elvenstar
Auraora, this was awesome, but you already knew. Good joba dn I'm still looking foward to the sequel and don't forget there are people everywhere who will help you in writing it if you need and request help.
1/31/2004 c1 6Ainariel-Helyanwe
Um, you said you do not own the characters, then it is not YOUR story YOU did not MAKE them, there is a site that you can do that on it is called w.fanfiction,net. This site is for stories that you have made up, i am jest letting you know so :D

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