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for Wondrous Words

3/14/2005 c1 Dawn369
I thought this was lovely. Nice visuals.
11/30/2004 c1 6R.M.Whitaker
Wow! u expressed my love for writing perfectly! This deserves a gold medal!
11/21/2004 c1 2Jennifer H. Westall
I really like this! I think every writer loves the idea of painting pictures in other people's heads. Great poem!
1/31/2004 c1 57NeWriter
Very expressive and complete... but I think you forgot the general idea. "When I get to be a writer", a writer is a person who writes. Are you writing this poem and many other stuff? And the other thing, many people think that sucess comes from writing a novel or getting published... wrong! Sucess comes from being able to write something and truly finish it the way you wanted it to!
Other than that, the last lines I feel like it seems sort of not an actual ending for a poem! Try to find something more catchy... [can't think right now of what]. Other than that, good work! ;)

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