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for Gravity is Not Responsible

5/23/2004 c1 a song in blue
I love your writing style. I think it is beautiful. Please continue soon!
5/17/2004 c1 13Twizzlers
This is interesting... You definitely write well and have good imagination. I like your stories. I'm waiting eagerly to see where you take this one. I'm loving your characters so far. Anouks father seems pretty funny. Anyway, keep going with this because it's good and I'd like to see where it goes. Twizz
5/17/2004 c1 Yael
I hope you are continuing this story. Its funny, and from what I could tell, clever. Update soon!
4/9/2004 c1 4msQTpa2T
This is pretty amusing. This is quite amusing actually. The part about the dad feeling awkward, but still letting the girl do whatever is especially amusing. So, do you get my drift? It seems to give an interesting perspective. I'm highly curious about what is going to happen next. In fact, this first chapter just seems very mysterious and peculiar, even if it probably wasn't meant to be. The different contrasting views adds to that. Especially since the people don't really have that much dialogue with each other, there seems to be even more of a sense of intrigue. Good.
3/25/2004 c1 6summercutie
i really like this story! The french part really gives it an edge! update soon!
3/16/2004 c1 14Natalie Elyse
I love the title of your story - coupled with the Mark Twain quote, it makes an excellent quirky title. Your writing is very easy to understand and has good style. Although there isn't much in your story yet, I already feel like I know the characters!
3/9/2004 c1 queen
aw i wasnt going to read it but your summary was so good ok im going to read your story now :)
3/3/2004 c1 9just a ray of sunshine
Elodie, I love you're stories. I've officially added you to my fave authors list, and you will be on there for a while. I love how you describe everything, though I'm a bit confused. Are you talking about apartment complexes? Or houses? Because (just a bit of constructive critism) it would be like a illegal (or something to that measure) to be naked at a pool in front of everyone. :D Keep writing though!
2/24/2004 c1 3Kiwii
Quite good, I'm waiting to see where you're going with this. Let me know when you update.
2/1/2004 c1 decree of fate
interesting so far...update soon!
2/1/2004 c1 57NeWriter
Let me see... quite interesting. My attention was caught as how you described the characters and the plot seems original as well, however I saw some mistakes!
In this chapter you repeat the character's names TOO much, when you can replace it with a "she/he"- try to variate that, otherwise it gets too difficult or boring to read since we already know who's doing who! And the other thing, I noted so thoroughly descriptions... and felt that you should be more careful to not flood the story with them, otherwise it makes it harder to read! Other than that, I liked the characters. Very good! I'll wait for next chapter ;)

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