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for The Dangerous Lives of Renter Bois

5/22/2004 c4 Jaded
One of my favourite chapters to date - amazing how the ones with the least are the most giving. I really enjoy knowing the circumstances under which Bryce and Finn met and became friends.
5/22/2004 c2 Jaded
The darker side is revealed which contrasts with the relatively rosy view that was depicted in the first chapter.
5/22/2004 c1 Jaded
Gripping start to a unique story line - makes the reader want to continue reading.
5/22/2004 c7 Jaded
Amazing story ... ... as good as any published. I find it really disappointing that a lot of the really good stories here that are not meant to be crowd pleasers or the typical romance type ones have so few reviews ... ... Anyway, do keep writing and I'll be waiting eagerly for your updates!
5/11/2004 c7 1Tom T. Thomson
Really good story. I hope you *coughs* fix this cliffhanger soon. I hate them, but I'll let it pass if the next chapter's good. Which it will be, of course! How can it not be?
5/11/2004 c7 7Chineselaquer
::ahem:: And the plot thickens! For some odd reason, witty lil manwhores are awesome in their own twisted lil ways. Was prostitution illegal back then? Or just immoral?
4/27/2004 c6 Miss Wendy
neat, I'm glad you updated. pretty quick chappie...
3/20/2004 c5 wazawaisuru
Hey! It's going really well. Keep up the good work!
3/16/2004 c5 Miss Wendy
I love it, but a few things bothered me:
Saccharine Smile - Saccharine was invented/found around 1901 and the colloquialim is too recent for your story.
Yuri - I'm laughing at a Yaoi story with a guy named Yuri:-)
Sailors - I doubt Rowan could have remained so innocent whilst working as a sailor. They're notorious for...
Also, there's no mention of Veneral disease in the story.
Lubricant - These guys need it.
All the same this I love it. I'm just nitpicking.
3/9/2004 c5 Chineselaquer
Yay, a new chappie. And sadistic it is. Whe! Oh, and way back when, there was no such things as "right" and "left" boots. They just wore the shoes on that foot consistently until it broke into the mold of that foot. And by then it would be ruined. Don't you love old time shoes? They're so clever.
2/22/2004 c4 Chineselaquer
Honestly have never heard of "rent-boys" before. So, what era of English history would this be?
2/19/2004 c4 5FlyingPhish
good story, I like how it could seem extremely porno-like but it doesn't. You have to have quite some skill to master that. Good job.
2/15/2004 c3 The Highland Fling
Update it!
It's great! I love it!
2/10/2004 c3 Alle
Really interesting, I love time pieces. Keep writing.
2/2/2004 c1 Just Ted
More to come...right?
sounds good by far, keep it up.
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