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9/29/2004 c1 Rosela-Dragon
I've read the first two chapters and I like it so far. Keep up the good work ^^
5/13/2004 c2 22Artemis1000
I have only got to read the first two chapters so far, but I'm worried that I'll forget to review later, so I want to tell you now already how much I adore this story! I love your writing style and the characters are very intriguing.
4/20/2004 c8 17Trinity of Dreams
update very soon
4/18/2004 c8 Sweetest-Smile
:( why did u have to stop there!
Anyway great chap!
I hope u update soon!
3/22/2004 c7 Trinity of Dreams
update soon
3/21/2004 c7 Sweetest-Smile
Kool Chap!
Update now!(I want to read more!)
No, Update soon!( I guess i could wait)
No Update ASAP!(Whenever it's finish i guess)
3/16/2004 c6 5thefireburnswithin
*dies* AWESOME! XD Though you said Kalen was Leiko, which was weird. ^^;;
Nyan! X3 CUTE! *pets Rohit* Continue. ^_~ I promise I'll update! I swear! Don't kill me! *hides*
But.. It's so.. Cute.. *_* *falls over in awe*
3/14/2004 c6 17Trinity of Dreams
update soon
3/13/2004 c6 MNK
no mames! no esea pinche cliffy! ya me arrepenti! no mejor pon lemon o algo NECESITO SEGUIR! imaginate! AH (oye somos buenas en esto! jijiji LEMON YA) pero tienes que mandarlo a quienes lo pidan porque si no se van a quejar o algo... de cualquiermanera ME INSPIRE! io bueno leyendo porque etoy escuchando "te quiero tanto" de onda vaselina jaja y ayy que tierno! ...,.. maldita realidad jajaja bueno ya vez si lo lei ahora nos debes otro chappy YA
=^.^= jeje
3/12/2004 c6 Sweetest-Smile
Kool chap!
I really enjoying ur story!
But why did you have to stop there?
Anyway plz udpate soon! ~.^
3/8/2004 c5 1luv2readgrl
WOW! i NEVER laughed so hard at a fiction press. Very creative! You read my story so i read yours, because i think it's fair. But man, the whole gay thing, you just dont see that, may i ask if i can borrow that idea for a story of mine...that is if my damn brain will stop making up other stories. I have so many incomplete stories. Im just lost!. Oh well, please keep writting this is very intriging! I'll read the other story tomrrow...to tired now...;)..anime rules...
too lazy ,don't want to sign in,
update soon
2/29/2004 c5 Sweetest-Smile
Great Chap!
plz update soon!
2/23/2004 c4 5thefireburnswithin
Good chapter. ^_^ But the begining was kind of confusing, hopefully it will be explained later in the story.
2/20/2004 c4 17Trinity of Dreams
update soon
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