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3/13/2004 c10 37Lilyoftheflames
Another great chappie! And my fav. would have to be Azea then Scar! And I want a cookie pick me pick me *jumps around waving arms* o o! ok im done. I'll be waiting for your next good update...which better be soon! ;) -your most faithful reader *hahahahahahh* ko
3/11/2004 c9 Lauren334
*munches on cookies* yum! hehe...I'm glad Azea and Cole are coming back. The story would be no fun without Azea with Scar =P I'm very curious about this Celta and I hope you go into more detail about her, like why she's there, how she knew about Scar and everything, because there first meeting was a little vague. wow talk about a run on =P I also found the part with Yugi and the dragon very interesting, and I hope that is explained soon. Well this was another great chappie and I can't wait for an update!
3/10/2004 c9 Lilyoftheflames
I'm very glad that you are bringing Azea back, I was going to be very angry if you didn't! hehe but you did so no worries! ;) and I'm always open for opinions and ideas as well! And I'm really enjoying your stories! ;) keep it up! I'll be waiting for you to update! -ko
3/7/2004 c8 Lauren334
OH NO! no,no,no,no! Ah such a good two chapters, but err I hate cliffees! Please say it wasn't Azea! It can't be! *takes deep breath* You must update soon! I have to know what happened!
3/6/2004 c8 Lilyoftheflames
I think I do this on every review but...NO NOT AZEA! I LIKE HIM TOO MUCH! Well, you have to update soon for me to find out! I'll be waiting-ko
3/6/2004 c7 Lilyoftheflames
*gasps* NO! WAKE UP YUGI! Sorry it took me so long to read this chappie...been so busy lately ;) Well, now that I've read it...it was really good...and I liked the fortune teller! even though shes kinda dead...hm. Well, I can't wait to see who the killer was! I'll be reading the next chappie! heeh-ko
3/1/2004 c6 Lauren334
*gasps* That's so sad! I have no clue whatsoever on any theories about Yugi. and aww on the part with Scar and Azea. I can't wait to learn more about all these characters so puh-lease update asap! I'll be waiting =P
3/1/2004 c5 Lauren334
Wow! Plot twist! Definitly interesting! This chapter's writting has definitly improved from the others. The transitions are alot better, and you used enough description to where I wasn't too confused. So far I think I like Azea, just because I'm shallow and like the first cute guy in every story. If Azea goes away it may turn to Cole though red eyes aren't my fav hehehe see the shallowness =P I'm going to go read the next chapter now!
2/27/2004 c1 AuthorofCoBM
Wow I love this story,
I great tribute to the fantasey genre, and great characters (personally I like Yugi). An interesting plot of Demons and a nearly wiped out race of elves. I have my own fic, "The Chronicles of Blood Magic", posted by pokepoet. It's less of a elvishy fantasy and I like to put in comedy. It's a work in progress and a review would be appreciated if you'd care to read it.
2/26/2004 c6 Lilyoftheflames
REALLY GOOD CHAPPIE :) and I have a few guesses...1. He is inside her and using her to find this kaelin dude or 2. He just has control over her wherever she goes so she has to obey her or 3. Yugi IS this demon and she just doesn't know it? Well, that's! I'll be waiting for your next chappie!
2/26/2004 c5 6Froggie0
no! scarlett has kaelins soul in her! ah! okay, sorry, i'll shut up now. i liked this chapter. the whole concept of the story is really good i think. update soon, i wanna read more!
2/26/2004 c4 Froggie0
ek! is it the demon who said that? ah! gotta read more
i like yugi more and more as chapters go along. she is so obnoxiously funny yet sincere.
2/26/2004 c3 Froggie0
black blood...freaky. i like yugi, but I'm not sure about scarlett yet, with the whole killing thing. even if he was a demon.
2/26/2004 c2 Froggie0
hm i wonder if these two girls (yugi and scarlett) have been hurt by the same demon. good chapter!
2/26/2004 c1 Froggie0
good beginning! it got me very interested. you've got a good, descriptive way of writing.
and thanks for reviewing my story!
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