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for One Thousand Green Stains

2/28/2004 c1 13evm
(this is Emily)
Wow...I loved it! Why don't you just write my little ditty for coffee house? Hmm?
So, who are you jelous of?
Beautiful (look, I can spell it now!) awsome, wonderful, lovely, gorgeous truly and ultimately infinitely cool.
What more is there left to say?
2/26/2004 c1 53Lidless Eye
I like all of the neat concepts you convey in your poems. Your style is refreshing because there is a ton of the same old angst and love poems on FP.net. You don't turn in that direction, so more power to ya! =) Keep on writing!
~Lidless Eye
2/1/2004 c1 2Saranha de Angelo
OOh...I love the element of reincarnation in it. Very cool. Wonderful idea *plans how to steal Marley's muse and learn to write poetry*. Heh heh.
2/1/2004 c1 9januaryisforever
It IS angsty... ah, well. The angstier, the better, non? ^-^ Lovely way to capture a not-so-lovely image. But... if you're talking to this person, and you die and are reborn as them, are they forced out of that body so can take over? o_O Just mundane wondering.

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