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for My Sacrifice

6/1/2005 c4 7Maris. S
*Lol* Aithne a home wreaker *lmao* Anywhoo, I like where you story is going so far! I think that you should update AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! *hint hint* *lol* You know, whenever you get the chance is okies with me ^^
2/9/2005 c1 5Renozrai
Nice introduction. Very good description with the cold rain. I also liked the candy bar line.
5/26/2004 c1 Alynxkia
There is nothing wrong with starting the same story twice and going in a new direction with it. Sometimes the result is a hundred times better. I have not read the other one yet but I'll get around to it. I like the picture you've writen so far. Too many heros were born to the part. Its nice to have some reluctant or uncertain ones.
3/17/2004 c3 24Eternity's Secret
Hmm... Interesting. Hope you update this!
2/5/2004 c3 73An Inside Joke
Good story. Funny in the right places, and as far as I can tell, it's really different from the other one.
2/3/2004 c2 sakurafox 666
Wow...that's cool. I love it. You put lotsa detail in it. Good job. /_^
2/3/2004 c3 sakurafox 666
Very different, nice I like it. But I don't know which one was my fav. /_^.
2/3/2004 c1 sakurafox 666
That's a good start. Keep it up! /_^

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