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4/2/2004 c1 6Laerian
Hey, this is a good poem. I like the inner conflicts going on in it. And dont worry about there not being a title. Many great poem didnt have titles. Take Emily Dickinson for example. None of her poems had titles; they were all just numbered. But anyway, keep it up!
ps:thanks for the review!
2/8/2004 c1 16Suteru
For the title: 'Within'
Whaddya think? To boring/plain?
Um.. I'm starting to think I shouldn't be reading these because I keep trying to relate them to what I know of you and then getting confused.
Did that make any sense?
Do you have our book? I forget where it is. I'll check my backpack. (sorry, tangents are a familiar friend of mine. Squee!)
Ya know what?
You're a dork.
::gives Jinenji a massivly huge hug::
loves ya.

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