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4/23/2004 c1 anonymouse
wow umo, this stikes home w/ me. Good stuff, keep it up
4/22/2004 c1 18Master Mind4
Never stop writing! This is really deep and very well written. The emotion and whole poem is just magnificent! Great work.
2/9/2004 c1 fonzi
caroline what happened to you this is not the girl i knew. i agree wiht dan, i am very scared sweetheart. sweetie pea u must explain becausei am at a loss of words as to see what is wrong. the phone is always on and the door is always open
2/6/2004 c1 dan
let me say first off that im glad u already told me that this is not about u being suicidal cause otherwise id be scared about now. well written. keep it up.

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