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for Eyes That Aren't Blue Still Shine

1/27/2005 c1 Box 5 Lot 665
Beautiful. It's no wonder I admire you so much and top you as one of my greatest role models. :)
1/15/2005 c1 10DZ McKnight
My dear GIRL,

Well done, Dahling. I especially like the last sentence, although I'm beginning to suspect crushage that you never told me about. Sigh, what will I do with you?

Another stunning work by my bestest buddy. Rock the house.

11/28/2004 c1 169wantedINheaven
Very cool. I really like how you expressed this! You have talent, my dear boy.
2/4/2004 c1 28Tk.T
Abstract yet very insightful. I like stories that can get me thinking.
Happy writing

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