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for You Talk Too Fast

6/25/2004 c1 harrangatang
lol erin i guess u compose & type as fast as ya talk
2/18/2004 c1 2Lady Sunlight
I talk fast too. I hate it when people tell me to slow down. I can't help it.
2/7/2004 c1 4Amethyst Fire Knight
I enjoyed your essay! I, too, talk way to fast, and, der.. read my essay. Anyway, I sympathize with you on annoying teachers. Ugh, there's this one in my school... Sorry. Write more, you are very talented!
~*Amethyst Fire KNight*~
2/6/2004 c1 Just Wolf
lol. i like, i like. it's so true. i'm a fellow fast talker (once i get going) so i know what you're on about. we fast talkers talk fast because we have so many ideas we can't get them out fast engough. (at least that's what i like to think.)
but your essay did get a bit redundant towards the end.
2/6/2004 c1 HoneyB
Heh ^^; I've only recently started to talk fast (about five months ago) and no one's complained about it. (Okay, apart from my bf, but I just turned it into a joke quickly)
Some people can be so condesending (right word?) about things like this, but just take it as a joke, try not to take it too seriously, okay?
2/6/2004 c1 Guin who can't be bothered to log in
I know how you feel. Like the bit about some of the world's greatest minds speaking fast! Don't know how you know that but it cheered me up alot.
2/5/2004 c1 220Namir Swiftpaw
My teachers would always tell me to slow down...^^; I am a very fast talker as well. I know what you mean! This is why I am good at singing songs like "One Week" (Barenaked Ladies), "It's The End Of The World As We Know It" (REM) and "I Want You" (Savage Garden).
w00t, w00t!
Keep writing.
~Namir Swiftpaw
2/5/2004 c1 2leen02x
lol, i read this fast. ppl do that to me when i talk fast when reading a report or acting. it sucks, doesn't it?

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