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for Of Minds and Murder

1/12/2012 c5 7PixieLizzie-Aiko
I love this story!:D:D:D

Please update!:D
11/10/2007 c5 Samana Cay
AGACK! i can not believe how amazingly entertaining i found this. please write more?
11/9/2007 c1 Samana Cay
okaay so you havent updated for quite some years and i'm only on the first chapter but OH. MY. GOSH. THAT WAS LIKE... SO GOOD! had i been home alone, i would have roared with laughter just thinking of steve martin song. but alas, my family would mock me endlessly if they heard me
5/19/2005 c5 EyeChan
...*taps foot*..*pokes*Now this is one story that needs updating... it's really good so far!Please? *puppyeyes*
11/14/2004 c5 1pyro36x
o you have to update. not only this story but the other tut one as well. also if you have any recomaondations
10/7/2004 c5 1jkslgjldjgleg
Update soon? *Puppy eyes*...
I really really like it! And you *have* to update soon! Or readesr like myself will b forced to move onto a different story! Even so, I'll be watching! :P Update soon!
8/20/2004 c5 26pneumothorax
*severe prodding* It must be updated, it's just got interesting :) ooh, I hope she asks him in an incredibly blunt way what perhaps was lol. anyway, I really like the mystery you've put in (I forgot to say that last review) with the murder etc. heh, anyway. keep writing :D
8/20/2004 c4 pneumothorax
Slightly confused about the marriage. She and her father couldn't rival it because they're.. too low down on the 'how are you list' ? and the same goes for abasi? *emails you* anyway, it's interesting. first egyptian fic I've reaf - way better than I thought it'd be. I like the way tut (spelt wrong most likely) and her interact. It's interesting :)
7/13/2004 c5 25elohimdancer319
good story. can't wait to see more.
6/30/2004 c5 17mollsthepolls
Excellent story so far!
6/28/2004 c5 vanessa
I love your story. Keep on writin' :)
6/26/2004 c5 11Misoshiru
good chapter. interesting and sweet, although im a bit confused about the living arrangements because technically tahi would have to go back to her home and i thought she was supposed to be marrying that other dude. and Tankh should have known this when she explained to him about Osahar. o well, its your story. update soon!
6/24/2004 c5 12Moniqua
Okey dokey...I've read both yours and Tessandra's stories...and nothing strikes me as plagarized...so don't sweat it. Just keep it coming, you're doing great!
6/13/2004 c5 CelesteDeVive
They are similar in certain aspects but not enough for anyone to deem it plagarism. Did you notice that Nahbia's sister, Meskhenet, is married toa man named Rashidi? Thought that was a bit odd. I do enjoy your story though. You have a talent.
6/13/2004 c5 me
see the similarity between Tessandra's story and your own is what drew me. I had read Tess' story and liked it and when I found yours of SIMILAR plotline(because we all know that a solidly original plot is unknown nowadays) I was drawn and fell in love with the story - I actually like it better because it has grown so different. There are so many stories about one girl going back/back and forth/switching places but rarely have a read any where one person of who can observe the life of another and the other observe the life of one. Its original and far from plagarism...especially since the defintinon is the conscious intent to take one's ideas and thoughts as their own. you didn't have the conscious intent and therefore can rule that out. good luck!
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