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for A Long Walk Home

7/27/2001 c1 Vienna
Continue please!
1/14/2001 c1 poes oddesy687
well done
12/28/2000 c1 The Druidess
Good story, but I'm a bit confused. I could just be missing something totally obvious. Why is the story repeating? Is she stuck in a perpetual time loop? Is it some kind of curse? I'm sorry, I just don't understand it. Otherwise, it was a good, creepy fic.
12/27/2000 c1 70Megan
Do people nowadays use words like 'ghastly' in normal conversation? I think that they should! It's a perfectly decent word. Anyways, I must say that the format is better than some, but it is still a bit messy. HTML is a good one to upload.
12/27/2000 c1 8Whoopdido
i dont get it when u repeated ur self

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