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2/9/2004 c1 fonzi
my god u are such a good writer. but sweetheart i am worried about this. talk to me call me i can help u get thorough this. kay member: aint no mountain high enuff to stop the midget from getting to u. my # is always avaliable
2/7/2004 c1 dan
wow. super sad poem and caroline, ur scaring me. you seem to be writing about suicide a lot and i know when i read that first poem u gave me u said it was just a poem but u keep coming back to the subject. i got an email from this girl in september, it was to everyone she knew and it said that she just wanted to tell us she was going to kill herself. i got really scared. it wasnt until a week later that she emailed everyone back and said that she changed her mind and was sry for scaring everyone. ur scaring me caroline.
2/7/2004 c1 lil blue song bird not logged in
Wonderful piece. Very talentedly writen.
2/7/2004 c1 7evil will prevail
that's really sad, but good too
2/7/2004 c1 8Keiron Pellime
... Wow... Sad... I would say more too...
~Keiron or MethanE
2/7/2004 c1 4River of Blood
aww this is so sad be writen good.*claps*

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