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2/11/2004 c1 The Pancake Chef
You've gotta love name analysises...they're finicky-some things describe me, some don't, but they're very entertaining! :)
2/9/2004 c1 1tigerfairy
I liked your essay because it sounds so 'from the bottom of your heart'and honest. I also liked your other piece about dancing (I know that doesn't belong here).
And I acutually like the name Erin (however you spell it).
There is another book about a girl wanting to change her name (L. M. Montgomery: Anne on Green Gables), it's a children's book but very nice and worth reading. At least I always liked it.
2/8/2004 c1 11Sangfroid101
Thanks for reviewing my story...
Fellow Erin writing here, and I feel your pain. I have most of my friends call me by my second middle name, Siobhan (I have two middle names and three las names. Scary, huh?) From my reserch Erin means From The Island To The West in Irish Gaelic. I did some extra reserch, and in Irish Celtic, it means peace. If it's any consolation to you, Erinyes (which I think is a much better name than Erin) was one of the Furies, according to greek mythology. My second middle name, also horridly common, Elizabeth, means 'Oath of God.' Siobhan means God is Gracious. So I'm the peace (from the island) that went to the west as the oath of gracious god. Wow. Now I'm really scared. And that's just my first three names...
I've never seen Erin spelled Erinne, but I have seen it spelled Erinn.
Some good name sites are:
And then there's one that's sort of freaky about how your name affects your health and such.
Sorry for rambling. Must be an Erin thing...
2/8/2004 c1 23paradigmMM23
Hey, thanx on correcting my essay for me, I feel really stupid that I left my name there. I was writing this for a class and forgot to take my name off the top, I guess. I realy appeiciate it. I think its quite amusing that u wrote an essay like this with that same tittle. Again, thanx.
2/8/2004 c1 Anya
I like the name Erin. I think spelling it Eryn is alright, but the spellings Erinne and Erynne just look ridiculous.
2/7/2004 c1 149Pose For Me
Wow, that is very interesting. I like the way you spell your name 'Erynne.' I think it is unique. I sometimes get fed up with my name 'Regina.' But there's nothing I can really do. The most I've done to change it, is my brother calling me 'Reina.' Heck, I like em both!
Ireland Reborn sounds retro groovy. Aw, now I wish I owned a horse so I could give them that name. [Believes that horses are always given names that have great meanings. :)] My middle name and first name sort of both have the same meaning. How odd. Put them both together it's Royal Queen. Friends and Mum say it should be "Royal Pain in the Bum" but, I think I'll stay with Royal Queen. LOL.
Wow, sorry for my ranting review.
Regina O.B.
2/7/2004 c1 31amdespot
This very creative and I sympathize with you on your lack of a good name. However, meaning "reborn" is pretty awesome; it means so much. But your right: "Erin" is so overused and so common; it doesn't fit your personality at all, the personality that I see shining through this at least. I like your middle name, "Renee", though. That is my sister's name and I've always been a little bit jealous of her for it, for not that many people have it at all, it's not a common name. Of course my name isn't that common either (Andrea) and it means something stupid like "womanly." Oh wow, womanly... really conveys who I am... So yeah, I sympathize with you and thought that this was wonderfully written, Thea. It pulled me in and kept me wanting to read it until the end.

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