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7/12/2004 c1 Guest
Mimi- I remember this poem! I like it so much! I forgot what these types of poems were called though...Mine was about...Autumn? Lol, it's sad that I remember your poem, but don't even know what mine was about.
*happy sigh* I love reviewing! Makes me feel powerful! I mean, I could make the author person cry by telling her/him she/he sucks! Or I could tell them they're really good and make them happy -^.^- Or I could confuse the crap out of them by killing Miroku -^.^-!
Ah, reviewing ^^...It's been so long... *dreamy look in eyes*
...Speaking of killing Miroku, I always do that in my reviews! It's tradition! Well...not necessarily kill, but I have to at least torture him! He he he...
Miroku- *gulp* O.O
Mimi- *grabs plunger, penguin, and chocolate* Talk to you later! ...he he he...

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