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for House of Hell

2/22/2004 c1 1LoKi-LoRd
Ok you get credit for trying... but wheres the plot? and also this is suppose to be a fantasy you dont find, weapons in a basemet with sick kids in it... what kid do you know is an expert in 1st aid? and also who is soo stupid they cant get away from a cloud or as you call it, a giant mist of white... o and good luck shooting it with the them millings of weaponds u found with the baseemnt sick and dieing kids... in general, try and be a little more realalistic... and also "we shot the crap out of it" its called a thasaurs... and who lives in a house with a cloud in it its like aww shit here we go again... better luck next time man, but dont give up...
2/9/2004 c1 21mazasuki
Sounds good, but what happened to spell check? It's driving me crazy.

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