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2/19/2004 c3 9S. Taylor
Fauxx, the tape your wondering about is a tape that consists of Dylans step-mom, Diana, molesting him one night when Dylan was still living at home with his parents and going to school with Kelly. But i probably won't put that in, but now you know.
2/19/2004 c2 S. Taylor
Ok, Red, Kelly isn't accused of Murder. Brad committed Suicide and she herself is putting the blame on her because she expected too much from him in the lines of how his band is progressing.
2/19/2004 c5 S. Taylor
Ok, it's me again. The reason why I have moved these stories to Biography is because they are more that type than fiction. Please take into consideration when you read these that these were all based on True Stories of my friends that I have gotten to know over the years. Yes, I have changed their names but not their personailties. I have just put up Emily Quatermaine another one of Kelly's siblings. Right now I'm currently working on Derrick, Sarah, Michael(even though one chapter is up on his), and Tina right now. If you have any questions just E-mail me at:
2/19/2004 c1 S. Taylor
Hey everyone this is the Authour and I thought that I could clear up some things this way. Emily's letter to Zander has been removed b/c its a different sibling of Kelly and i just uploaded the wrong chapter. Kelly has 26 siblings that i am writing ... bbl
2/18/2004 c1 5TheRealSeaGreen
This is so good. I can't believe you only have three reviews for this story, i like it.
2/11/2004 c6 DrmShadow
I like the story but it's confusing me quite a bit. Are you ever going to tell us what was on the tape? Lol Yeah I'm impatient, oh well. Good work though. ~ Fauxx
2/10/2004 c2 7The Red Fatalities
I got confused in this chapter. Firstly, Emily's letter to Zander is not split up from the prose afterwards - it's not clear. Perhaps you could split it more obviously?
Also, 'In Class' should be made bold... or italics... or underlind... or somehow made seperate from the main, narrative text.
Did Kris really 'gleam' or is this a typo from 'grin'? (Gleam is fine, just very different).
The description of the dress is formatted oddly (though it's lovely choice of wording), and again the note could perhaps be more seperated from the text?
Overall, nice beginning to the fic and I'd like to see more. Well done!
- The Red Fatalities
2/10/2004 c1 The Red Fatalities
This is an interesting beginning to a story and definately grabbed my attention. I have a few minor suggestions - but overall the fic is good so far :D
In the summary, 'kaos' is spelt 'chaos'; and in this chapter there are a few words you've used in the wrong place ("we'll" instead of "well", in the first line, for instance).
Also... Wouldn't Kelly be a bit more emotionally affected by being accused of murder?
Overall, nice beginning.
- The Red Fatalities

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