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for For Death and Glory

4/24/2004 c7 2RCS
There was some good medeival-style battles in this story, and more promises to come. Keep it up.
4/24/2004 c6 RCS
It's no wonder King Beckard has a rebellion on his hands. He's a bit of an SOB, isn't he.
3/26/2004 c7 132mizu no kokoro
Wow, i kinda lost trck here and there, and some parts were slightly fuzzy, but overall, it's going reli well so far~ i hope u update soon, and perhaps give me some advice on this fantasy story i'm working on? i have slight clue writing battle scenes while u seem to have it down the pat^^ its much appreciated~ keep up the exellent work^^
~Never the same~
3/26/2004 c6 mizu no kokoro
more fighting? awesome
3/26/2004 c5 mizu no kokoro
hmm... strategy
3/26/2004 c3 mizu no kokoro
ouch~ that has got to hurt~
3/26/2004 c2 mizu no kokoro
lots of action huh? sorta like those medival kingdom things? the bow's a cool weapon^^ i wanna learn how to use one :D
3/26/2004 c1 mizu no kokoro
Why this military story doesn't seem to start out all that bad~~ guess i'll just have to read more :D
3/24/2004 c7 1jason storm
Good middyevil plot and nice action in all seven chapters. write more
3/4/2004 c4 Goner
The story is really picking up :)
You have me on the edge of my seat patiently waiting for more. I can't offer any criticism (I didn't really see anything wrong) but I hope you get another chapter up soon.
2/29/2004 c1 2RCS
I like a good fantasy tale, and this chapter is a nice introduction to the setting.

Apparently King Beckard went to the Darth Vader School of Leadership, judging by how he deals with a subordinate's failure :)

"Apology accepted, Captain Needa."
2/21/2004 c2 plane stupid
great story
2/20/2004 c1 EMILYYYYYY
WOOHOO! nice story! a wee gory but IMAGINITIVE! hehe I REVIEWED A STORY!
2/15/2004 c1 Mbwun
Holy hell! The arrow through the ankle made me cringe... I just have something about wounds in the feet. Anyhew... Pain is implied by Kardoc's reactions, which, I suppose, is more subtle than flat-out describing it, but still, you might've mentioned something.

Ah, yes, the time-honored bad guy tradition of slaughtering He Who Pisses Me Off...:)

~He Who Walks On All Fours
2/14/2004 c1 Colorado Kid
LOL This looks brilliant. Raw yet not gratuitous. Realistic yet it doesn't bum you out...
I look forward to more. I'm glad you enjoy Officer Oro, she's sure to bloom and prosper in no time at all, so be sure to check back for more...
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